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Anime avatar went from the mark of a fedora-tipping gentlesir to a aposematism of power.

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And that weeb just patrolled that thot

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>Flapjack tits
>Bingo wings
>Uneven/thinning hairline
>Sunken eyes
>Fucking granny cheekbones
>Spare tire

Yeah... that's delusion for ya.

[–] foltaisaprovenshill ago 

She advertises bareback anal on Twitter for $40 a pop. Not surprising she's all used up.

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The cognitive dissonance... it’s terrifying.

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Whores aren't worth the time it takes to message them. Ignore them and find yourself a good, white woman.

[–] sonofjacob 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago 

Good and women don't belong in the same sentence.

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.>Thot: "Looollll you're [insert derrogatory statement]"

<Person free from kike control: "[insert something derrogatory said in defence from thot]"

.>Thot: "WHY ARE YOU SO HATEFUL?!?!???!

Every. Time.

I don't know how much longer I can take this madness, bros.

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She should listen to herself.

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Of course the account got suspended.

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The awesomeness was just too Hot for twidder to handle.

[–] stone15001 ago 

fucking destroyed

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