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Lol pay gap. Do people understand that there is a huge difference what Male soccer brings in financially compared to female soccer. Noone watches female soccer it's like watching high school football. The skills are just not there.

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Women are actually overpaid compared to their male peers. It sounds like the women need their pay decreased to close the pay gap.

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Considering that the "peers" of the Swedish and US women's soccer teams were 12-year-old boys who soundly beat them...

...women soccer players should get an allowance of $10 a week if they do all thier chores and get good grades.

[–] tally-ho 1 point 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

People want to see the best athletes, period. If a woman could actually compete with men at a professional level I'd be okay with it...

Except the womens national team lost 5-2 to a normal team of 14 year old boys.

[–] libman 3 points 4 points (+7|-3) ago 

People don't root for the best players, they root for "the home team", and for girls that means the USWNT.

The #1 health threat in the modern world is obesity, and that includes girls as well. Anything that discourages girls from becoming landwhales is a good thing.

[–] Approved ago 

UNDER 14-year-old boys.

So 12 and 13-year-olds.

[–] libman 3 points 3 points (+6|-3) ago 

To be honest, most of US men's soccer is pretty lame too. But at least the girls are good looking! 😍

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I would watch more games if they did it in string bikinis and enforced a hotness rule.

[–] ForTheUltimate 5 points 1 point (+6|-5) ago 

physical effort makes them infertile.

Not so sexy anymore.

[–] TeddyJackson 6 points -3 points (+3|-6) ago 

But at least the girls are good looking!

So you're a faggot then. Most of those "girls" are trannys and the rest are ugly as fuck.

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The skills are just not there.

The skills are irrelevant.

Team sports is fighting.

You pay men to watch them fight, you pay women to fuck them or to pretend you could fuck them.

Watching women fight each other is as exciting as watching men fuck each other.

[–] HoneyTrap1488 ago 

Watching women fight each other is as exciting as watching men fuck each other

It depends if you're a homosexual or not...

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Watching women fight each other is as exciting as watching men fuck each other.


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European here. I have a contact on the 'inside'. Men's soccer is a money laundering scheme. Just like 'modern art', soccer (football in Europe) is used to dilute the vast amount of input of illicit funds. All of it can't go through modern art. But, soccer is just one of many selected fronts.

[–] tastelessinvective ago 

So they use drug money to buy unsold tickets or something?

[–] wholesome_optics ago 

No. The money funnels through the clubs and trading of players between clubs.

[–] Jewstolemypassword ago 

Can you expand further or maybe provide some links? Genuinely curious. Thanks faggot.

[–] wholesome_optics ago 

This is all a conspiracy as far as anyone is concerned. Gotta read between the lines when players get traded, and connected it with other events outside of soccer.

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Jesus shit. That nog has a striking resemblance to an Avatar character. ...but, you know, shit colored instead of blue.

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Obviously the solution is intergender soccer teams which everyone has to try out for, but will get paid equal if they make the cut.

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So, all male teams. I like it.

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Let's see, adults playing a game and getting paid for it is ridiculous as it is. Now a female team that got is ass handed to it by a boys highschool team, wants equal pay? Alright, knock the pay back from 11% to 9%of the take just like the boys . Whiney bitches should be fucking grateful someone allows them to play a useless game and make some ching.

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adults playing a game and getting paid for it is ridiculous

It is entertainment.

Getting paid for playing a game is as ridiculous as getting paid for singing a song or for acting like youre somebody else.

[–] Approved ago 

or for acting like youre somebody else.

Identity theft can pay off pretty well.

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Let's see, adults playing a game and getting paid for it is ridiculous as it is.

Even if they whine about the rich or 1%, this is the only instance I hear people condone an individual making millions a year. They'll claim merit, that worked hard for years or decades and they provide a service or entertainment that many will pay for.

Of course when it's someone who has spent years to earn an MBA or PhD and put in more years to create or run a major company they make an undeserved salary. Many don't realize many salaries are stock options, so people like Bob Iger at Disney only made $2 million in salary and $60 million in stock due to market performance over the past 14 years he's been CEO. Those cucks will never give up Disney or Marvel capeshit to hurt his bottom line though.

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There are plenty of people out there who make a genuine difference to others lives - and they are paid a fucking tiny amount compared to some sheboon who parades around like a prostitute and makes millions attention whoring about her life on TV.

[–] libman 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

People who attract a paying audience and fans have market value - no matter if it's Shakespeare, opera, circus, soccer, professional wrestling, or the donkey show. Market competition and bargaining (usually through an agent) should determine how much each individual is paid.

And being a good parent to little girls means trying to get them interested in sports they can play themselves, for the benefit of their health and fitness. So it's not about skill and entertainment value. Don't take your daughters to a donkey show!

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How about if they can beat an under 15 boys team, they get a raise?

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This is one of my big issues with 3rd wave feminism. They always go after the high paid high profile women. Women in Hollywood, women in sports etc. They don't give a shit about women living in Islamic countries, or women in minority communities in the west. Fuck them, lets worry about millionaires who should be multimillionaires.

Dumb cunts.

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The US (((media))) doesn't stop portraying inferior races as "victims". The more they push it the more it gets clear and everyone gets fed up.

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