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>lifting for women

you're not going to make it

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Thats how you start mane. It has to start that way.

In the end, you ether die drugged in a chink sex sauna, or lift long enough to see your self become the NatSoc.

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Lifting for chicks is fine as long as that doesn't stay their goal. If it gets them through the door, it's all good. But if they don't transition to the dedication of putting up bigger numbers for the Iron Judge in time for the next court date, that's how you know they're not gonna make it.

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Buy a farm or a rural property and you can start working out and actually producing, as opposed to lifting for its own sake.

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This guy grows

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Damn, im at step 3

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Wait till you get to 5!

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Physically....what about mentally?

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Enjoy the ride, Bro!

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I gotta delete this post unfortunately. It's already posted, and on the front page I see. :(

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You know what? Fuck it. This needs to be archived in v/funny anyway, and I love my title.

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Sad. Step 6...

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Lifting weights is what conservatives prefer to do.

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Made me legitimately laugh out loud. Have an upvoat.

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Nothing says "straight and narrow" like a pervert whose fecal deviance drove his niece to suicide

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Hey it looks like this is on the front page already.....

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I saw after I posted, but decided to keep it up for archive to v/funny

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