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Yeah, I'm looking for a girl who's barren, 300k of debt, and will claim to be smarter than everyone around her.

What a catch.

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Probably also fat

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Also has no job experience and starts out at entry level with that masters anyway

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Maybe not, but definitely blacked and tatted.

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And has no sense of responsibility because she's been partying for a whole decade.

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My friend got that. He's a warning to others.

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You're also adopting her 9 cats

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9 cats

Actually the most appealing part of the deal, I like cats; almost got back with an ex- because I was feeling sorry for the cats (but snapped out of it...)

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I've always liked "Christmas Cakes." After the 25th, no one wants them.

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lol, good one

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It's a very old Japanese euphamism seen in plenty of media. Despite OP getting his Asian country incorrect.

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It sounds witty, but delicious cake will be delicious a few days after, too.

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That's brilliant!

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Men don't give a shit if a woman has a degree or not. If she can fuck, have kids, be a mother, and is loyal, that is all that instinctively matters to them. Ones who claim they are looking for something else were taught to look for those traits.

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Women project their desires onto men. They want status, resources, and genes. They emulate the behavior of men who have these traits in the mistaken belief that this will lead them to success.

Soy boys do the same thing in reverse.

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And tattoos. Ever see oddly muscular women with tattoos? It's like they are unable to conceptualize what they find as attractive isn't the same as what men find attractive.

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I blame their mothers. I think that Boomer generation women were probably tolerable to date, but they pushed their daughters onto this treadmill of career.

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And not be too annoying.

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God damn voat has ruined roast beef for me. All I fucking see now.

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Mark that shit as NSFW.

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Who the hell reads https://voat.co/v/funny/ AT WORK!??

NSFW? You must have a cool job if you can surf https://voat.co/v/funny/ all day without getting fired by complaints to HR

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Arby's anyone??

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china, not japan op

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You're right. You're right.

Here's an article

Specifically, the 50 women interviewed for the study had found that men either discriminated against them because of their achievements, or expected them to spend more time doing housework in order to make their lives together a success – often at the expense of their jobs.

No shit, lady. I can keep an apartment clean with three hours a week in housework. I need at least an hour a day to cook clean. I'd like to spend four hours a week flirting and fucking. That's less than two hours a day of work for my needs, but that's everyday consecutively. That's two afternoons a week work, basically a maid cook prostitute. That's the position I'm hiring for.

Now, she also has her two hours a week housework, plus hour each day hygiene and cosmetic, plus her hour commute, and so on. So a "successful" woman is too busy to do the job. At most she should work 26 hours a week at a job, but if we have children she should be with them until they're old enough to play on their own in the neighborhood. Then she can be at home at work on her own cottage industry like baking or hair cutting. If she's working 40 hours a week on top of 10 hours of commuting, there's no time for her to do anything but make my house a fucking mess because she'll be too exhausted to even pick up after herself. And I'll get laid, what, three times a month?

No man in his right mind would risk half his fortune and his freedom for an exhausted work horse in a ponytail and pantsuit.

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You just nailed it.

No shit, lady. I can keep an apartment clean with three hours a week in housework. I need at least an hour a day to cook clean. I'd like to spend four hours a week flirting and fucking. That's less than two hours a day of work for my needs, but that's everyday consecutively. That's two afternoons a week work, basically a maid cook prostitute. That's the position I'm hiring for.

I wish that more (young) women understood that a relationship basically boils down to a spreadsheet. A girl who's not putting in enough hours on the relationship is a worthless hindrance. They are not beautiful and unique snowflakes.

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Like Christmas cakes. No good after the 25th.

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Enjoy the cats!

[–] BOILEDSWEETS 3 points 3 points (+6|-3) ago  (edited ago)

Im not going to be the token woman and agree passively, I'm just wondering is there a such thing as ''left over men'' - you know the ones who spend a decade as a bachelor partying and playing the field or are women just the problem here and cats? Some men spend their entire life bitter and twisted going through women like sand through their hands and notching up stds on their already diseased cocks like rings on a tree. Men are not what they used to be, most now go out partying and pranking, spending an entire decade as an infantalised child, suspended teenage years or whatever, why is that? Maybe we should examine the evolution of men and women or devolution I should say. Maybe that is the point. Men of the past are gold, old is gold as they say, the man shed of a man in his 60's consists of useful spares to fix the toilet, tiles, kitchen, plumbling, woodwork, skirting board etc, etc ,etc, what does the '''man cave'' of the nu modern male consist of? A fucking stack of kiddie porn and some Cheetos and a wide screen tv, or a lazyboy chair for his fat tub of lard arsehole! And, no I'm not making this commentary for kudos! Roll on the bitter basement dweller replies, you know who you are!

[–] madmardigan 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

There is not. The only apt comparison to a "left over" woman, is the man child who refuses or fails to grow up.

Biologically and sexually. This isn't to say that men and women can't have value as people, but that their "prime" years for procreation and desirability as a partner for family is significantly different.

Women are born into their value as mates, men need to become valuable. It's that simple.

[–] shrink 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

I'm just wondering is there a such thing as ''left over men'

Biologically? No. Men can essentially father children even into their seventies and beyond. For as long as they can get it up, basically. Men lose what physical attractiveness they have at a much slower rate (hence the super common "wine and milk" comparison) and their sexual shelf life for fertility is several times that for women. Women hit peak fertility around 22-24 (roughly speaking, the "best age" as claimed by men of all age brackets) and by 30, 90% of her eggs are gone and her sexual attractiveness (mainly her appearance) has begun fading rapidly.

The party life bachelor who does the same thing in the course of his lifetime as these post-wall women doesn't have the same problem the women have, because he still has lots of shelf life left and the things that make him attractive still apply to him (status, resources, confidence, behavioral traits; looks only factor into it somewhat). If I truly put my mind to it, I could get 20 year olds even into my 50s. I've seen it happen. I just don't consider that ideal for any man who seriously wants a family, even though you could have kids well past 40 years old as a man, it seems like a super bad idea to me. Who wants to be taking care of a toddler at 43?

[–] BOILEDSWEETS 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

Then notch up those stds like rings on a tree knock yourself out boyo. I couldn't give two hoots, my point is that men seem to think they can live the peter pan lifestyle well into their 50's, when the reality is all a 20 year old woman w her head screwed on sees a fat, bald aged male [ shes guessing with a lot of sexual traffic behind him] on the dancefloor, herpes anyone???

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You have clearly bought into the false concept that men and women are the same. The short answer is that there are left over men but their shelf life is much better. Same thing goes for promiscuity...men are able to endure and recover from more than women. You sound like the female equivalent of the incels on here complaining about divorce rape. Furthermore these left over men are more likely to be picked up by one of the dearth of single moms out there willing to hitch their wagon to whatever they can get after popping out paycheques from a few different "daddies".

[–] 1488HailFireRain 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

This is the correct response

[–] BOILEDSWEETS 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

Bullshit, you are projecting your vomit, assuming that I think ''men and women are the same'', lol you are mentally feeble. I always wondered why voat attracted the most base, bilefull anti woman basement dweller men well into their 40's, or 50's, fucking lol pathetic. Keep hating on the women that are out there, in relationships, or married with jobs and kids, keep hating :)

[–] BlackSheepBrouhaha [S] 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

"Where have all the good men gone?"

They were raised by women in school and in single mother homes and now avoid them like the plague. They're focused on their own goals and achievements, enjoying their short time on this earth, and mourning the lost opportunity to raise a family because no western government respects a man's sovereignty in his home.

[–] beefartist 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

You and boiled sweets sound like you would make a delightful pairing. You are a faggot pussy who makes excuses for his own shortcomings by blaming womenkind...there are plenty of good ones (who could become great with a great man) but they ren't interested in you and your fucking shacking up

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