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Woah woah woah. Are you implying that there may have been a coordinated effort to fabricate history for the political benefit of a select group?

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They went overdrive to push the term into the social gestalts lexicon in 1973.

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(((they))) were in such a hurry that major parts of Anne Franke's holohoax diary was written IN BALL POINT PEN that did not exist at that time ! (handwriting of all nearly matches the ball point pen)

It was not until very recently that the jews admitted the diaries were a hoax written (mis-copyrighted) by Anne Frankes FATHER!!!!


Anne Frank’s Diary Gains ‘Co-Author’ in Copyright Move:


The ball point pen was a ballsy move, either a jew copyright trick, or a rare jew mistake.

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Great link to read.

Lefties posts an article that destroys the lies they have been telling everyone and themselves.

And promptly go about the business of ignoring the facts and act like nothing unusual has transpired.

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Yup. I posted a while back as well about my ones from the 1970 don't contain "Holocaust" either. What a mystery!

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Recently banned from YouTube, Brother Nathanial, talked about growing up as an Orthodox Jew in Brooklyn in the late 50's he had never heard of the Holocaust and it was never talked about in Temple or school.

Then, Eli Wiesel materialized and a narrative was almost instantly created.

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Eli always claimed his number was A7713, not only did he NOT have a tattoo, we now have the records from the Russians, A7713 was assigned to a Lazar Wiesel. So the most famous Holocaust speaker was never even in any camp at all.

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I love BN but I wish his cadence was a little more natural. His perspective is great, but it’s hard to take in when he reads his scripts the way he does.

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Is the Brother Nathanial channel that's still there a fake?


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Could be a mirror.

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Jews forbid discussion on the Holodomor, so of course it won't be mentioned. Still doesn't change the fact that at LEAST as recent as 1965, Holocaust wasn't even a thing.

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This is really interesting to me. I had always been given an impression from school history that the holocaust was common knowledge even before the war ended. The idea that it was something that was only promoted years after the war ended is a heck of a red-pill.

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the "holocaust" or "jewish death camps" were not mentioned in Eisenhower or Chruchills memoirs.

apparently it wasnt a big enough topic to remember....

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Just like Christianity, it was only invented to serve a purpose after the "fact".

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So you think the crucifiction of christ was a work of fiction?

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I'll give you the fact that Paul is a load of crap in the bible. Paul was a Jewish leader that never met Christ and wanted to gain power, so he became the figurehead of spreading Christianity.

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I have an early 1950's encyclopedia set that is consistent with your observations...

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This is why it is very important to buy/keep old texts. I've seen personally a local library throw away huge recycling bins worth of books after scanning the books to Google several years ago.

Now I realized it was a "book burning" event.

You will see different definitions in older encyclopedias and dictionaries.

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Holy shit. o_o.. even the things I thought Google was doing for good where in fact some of their most evil yet. Destruction of old information under the guise of preserving it.

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Destruction of old information under the guise of preserving it.

Destruction under the guise of savior is (((their))) way.

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Whoa, I’m now seeing that archival process in an entirely different context.

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Read up on "nigger" in the 1911 edition.

Seriously, old encyclopedias are a gold mine. We goats should buy them.

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Give us some links - not finding anything...

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LOL. I read it in an antique store.

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I keep looking for "Israel" in old ( Pre 1945) encyclopedias and it isn't there. They always have Palestine though.

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Are you retarded?

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you sort of are

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