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And this is a gun blacks actually invented. But not the kind they use the most to commit crime and murder.

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One guy out of over 20 on the team was black. The black man did not invent it as the "principal inventor" it was a goddamned typical "team patent"


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Read here about the original watergun patent. It's a.... white male. Color me surprised.

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They wanted to spray their pisd everywhere? You give them to much credit for originality.

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Fo' nine-ninny-nine, Imma straightup wakanda sum nigga wit dat!

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Oh shit, it looks like a semi automatic too! #nobumpstocks

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assault soaker

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You'll shoot your eye out !

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Unless you are aiming it at your eye, point blank. Would be difficult with one of those things. They have been out for years. Kids bought it, thinking "for $15, how can I go wrong?".
Perfect for gun buy backs where BB guns are accepted.

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There are plenty of people out there blind in one eye from pellets and beebees dummy.

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Or go buy a box of nails, some epoxy cement, and like 50 bucks worth of pipe and make like 10 slamfire shotguns. Sell em each back for $150. Profit.

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I actually said that to my 7y/o 2 days ago. Lol.

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7 year olds can’t talk you stupid liar.

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Perfect, I always aim with one eye closed anyway

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This fool thinks a spring-powered BB or pellet pistol is an actual real firearm. The reality is that this "gun" could just about manage to seriously wound a bumblebee.

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Most people that don't own guns themselves don't know shit about them, just like the gun grabbers want it.

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Shit even people that own guns don’t know shit.

Few weeks ago, my boss gets to work around same time as me. Asks me to come over to his truck because he wants to show me his pistol.

I say alright. He is proud of his first firearm I guess. It is a Taurus PT111 Pro. No need to talk shit because it is what he wanted and picked out.

He is handling it, and I see the magazine is still in it. He goes to hand it to me, and I immediately back away. He says no it’s ok you can hold it.

I say just put it down on the seat of the car. He goes to say something again and I say it somewhat louder.

He does it and I drop the magazine and chamber out a round.

He says oh my fault.

I explain to him that you never handle or turn over a loaded weapon under any circumstances to someone.

Few weeks later we are near my house and I stop in so he can see my weapons. All are AR15 variants. The way he holds them is like a scared child.

Says they are so heavy and large. Lol

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There are places where these are banned too, surprisingly. (And they're not as harmless as you opine.)

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Pellet guns are sometimes banned, true. A spring-powered pistol can do very little damage. A spring-powered rifle can in fact do some real harm, although the shot would need to be carefully placed. I have such a rifle myself.

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Set the account to "protected". It's still there.

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To be fair, some of the Bryco/Jennings/Jimenez pot metal handguns can be had for close to $20.

They're total garbage, but they'll still kill someone.

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A hardware store slam fire shotgun will cost $20 or less and be lethal, can also beat someone to death for less, or for the really stingy swat someone to death using a burner phone.

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yeah, but that would require the nigger being able to follow basic instructions and assemble something, which we both know they are incapable of.

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Yeah, you

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Rocks are free and they will too

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We need to have a national rock confiscation.

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Half the time, the user is the one they would kill.

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The lack of gun knowledge is bad, but the economic ignorance bothers me more: She thinks prices are something vendors set arbitrarily just for fun. She thinks they exist to be "fair" depending on how much someone needs something, not to signal the scarcity of resources used to make it.

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well to be fair healthcare prices are ridiculously artificially inflated due to stupid gov’t bureaucracy and lobbying to keep manufacturing cost and profits high. The difference is this retard probably thinks the solution is more government.

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Jokes on her, I found healthcare for way less than $20. https://files.catbox.moe/6zcgfn.png

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That'll patch you right up if you get hit with that spring loaded bb pistol.

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Fucking kek!

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What a fucking moron

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