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keep in mind it would have a psychic breakdown is you dared to question its opinion

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psychic breakdown

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were you trying to spell agrarian?

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"I look like an average 35 year old woman."

Uh, no.... You look like an overweight, balding 35 y/o dude mental patient with fake tits. It doesn't matter how far you let the stringy mass on your head grow out, you still aren't hiding that receding hairline or the shekel detector.

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2 more inches of stringy mass and I would've been fooled.

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dude mental patient ogre

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The mental gymnastics here. Wow. I actually feel really bad for him. This clown world really fucked him up.

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How the fuck do you start thinking like this at 35? I get the kids; I mean I could make any teenager (or younger) think anything I wanted to.

But a grown ass man? I don't get it.

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Most people these days don't mentally mature past about 16 years of age. That shit is expected in women as we've long known that they're just children but it was never this way with men. I don't know what to blame exactly but at a guess it would be all the plastic, soy, fluoride, vidya and easy lives they have in general.

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Came here to say the same, I feel sorry for him. Everyone around this guy has completely played into his delusion, his worldview is now so far from reality that he actually believes this tweet.

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I feel bad for kids/teens that are tricked into it. At 35, you have enough life experience to know what you want out of life and to make your own choices.

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we need to close the hellgate...too many demons are getting through.

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Carpet bomb Israel with nukes? Ok!

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What if nukes open the hellgate even further? I.E. effectively creates new spawn points/portals?

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According to the Talmud a portal to hell does exist in Jerusalem so right on buddy!

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Have the new parts come in yet? We have been waiting forever. And what about the guy that knows how to close it? Is he still alive/available?

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Nah. Looks like Will Farrell if he used his head to clean out a grease trap.

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Imagine living in an area where you are surrounded by people who will enable your total delusion of reality.

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I don’t have to imagine it, I already live there (SF Bay Area)... the worst part is the work place, where each employer tries to out-woke the next one (have a look at LinkedIn posts if you want a barf-inducing idea). I moved there while totally blue pilled, darn the awakening was rough.

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oh, and that freak might be your boss one day (thanks to diversity hiring!)

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It's alright. He'll be part of the 45% within the next year or two

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Hopefully before it can infect any kids (aka reproduce).

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Hopefully that number increases over time.

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What’s the 45%?

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The 45% of transgenders that end their own lives.

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OH MY GOD! Kill it with fire!

Childs! Childs! Mac wants the flamethrower! Mac wants the what? That's what he said now MOVE!

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