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Translation: British sluts are pissed. A nationalist old-timer beat your beloved nigger. Won’t be asking for his babies now. An old white british guy has superior genes to any nigger. Don’t forget it.

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Wow thanks, no matter how often I read it I couldn't understand this.

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You da real MVP

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Thanks; trying even to read the original gave me a headache.

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Thank you.

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As an American, I can definitely say that I don't understand English.

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That is not the King's English for sure.

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Don't worry, as a primarily English speaker I only got half way through before it lost me. Luckily @theHubrisOfMan gave us a translation.

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Read "Black Rednecks and White Liberals" by Thomas Sowell.

Basically the white people that owned and influenced slaves were the niggers of England before immigrating. Blacks picked up on that culture and stuck with it to this day, and now we have niggers.

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So not even nigger monkeyspeak was invented by niggers.

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Can't understand a word

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its like someone spilled a dictionary, what the fuck does it mean?

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What is that in English?

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I need some context here.

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Nigger lost a fight to a fat white dude. Not sure if he’s the autistic fat dude who trained from that picture next to him or someone making fun of how he looks? I can’t speak white nigger and I don’t watch muslim sports channels er I mean New-British sports, best break down I can offer.

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Andy Ruiz Jr is Mexican

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