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Sorry, I disagree. No one should say "voat does good therefore voat can do no wrong." Neither should anyone say "voat is better than other sites therefore voat is perfect."

Nothing is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Voat is pretty great. But outside illegal content, I don't think voat should have any kind of bans.

I believe the bans are a mistake. Sorry @puttitout, you're doing a great job, but I don't think these bans are a positive thing for our community.

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Yeah who the fuck gives a shit about "vote manipulation"

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If you don’t deal with those that game the system to use bot/alt armies to suppress legit stuff and inflate bullshit then you won’t have a free platform for long.

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Voat is a U.S. Company, so this Free Speech is defined quite reasonably as anything you could get away with in front of a Judge or a Police officer.

Pretty sure I couldn't jack off to granny porn in front of a judge while giving him the middle finger. Fortunately voat is made of sterner stuff.

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Tell me something please. What in the hell happened? I read Putt's messages, did an IT mishap really cause a mass exodus?

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Im with you. Again, Ive said it numerous times; I am computarded. I have no idea what is going on.

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Damage control. Funny how people are now all of a sudden about bleeding users after Putt starts going full SRS with his site. From what I saw on poal and the people i recognize there in the last 24 hours arent leftists or incapable of handling free speech. They dont want to hang out on a site where the admin bends over and takes it up the ass by PV and SBBH

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god I hate poal. just opening the page makes my skin crawl. but there it is, our dirty laundry. nice.

Edit: I went back for a minute, stayed for an hour reading our old users posts. FUCK. This makes us look bad.

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The should rename it FLUSH.

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I think it should be Those we do not name.

You know the first rule about Those we do not name, there is no those we do not name.

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I could rant about my negative experiences with poal

But nahh... I would rather just sit here and stir up shit.

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Idk, when it happened it could have been good but the people that went, not all of them, weren't. I don't go there other than once in awhile just to look and lurk to see what voat's not telling me.

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someone said its all leftist but i said niggerfaggot and they said its fine. hm.....

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I remember the users before they left. I didn't hate them but they caused problems. In hindsight, I don't know now whether their problems were legitimate or not.

A couple of other users left for their own reasons, they just disagreed with the direction voat was going. One is truly missed, others.....meh....

I don't like poal but the users are happy there and they leave us be. Granted, they mock us from time to time, like now, but we also deserve it sometimes, like now.

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Something the front page might break 10 upvotes.

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They don't have downvoats. They claim downvoating "is just for spammers".

Sorry, POAL, but no thanks.

That place is doomed to fail.

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Poal's actually not that bad, it's like Voat but a bit more comfy.

I like that place too.

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You know me.

I'm just whoring for upvoats.

It's not just poal's lawn I'm pissing on. I'll piss on anyone's lawn.

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I've pissed on a few lawns myself over the years, I like to write my name in piss. On their lawn. Heh.

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Anyone wants a link: https://poal.co/

Well said Virge.

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I was one of the first people to sign on to Poal when Voat went down. I'm strictly Voat though Poal is merely it's retarded bastard child. I'm a Goat and have always loved Voat since I've first came here from LL because I couldn't say nigger, niggerfaggot, kike etc... I love Voat the only reason I checked out poal recently because of the drama as of recently.

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They are doing what you are supposed to do. When a competitor fucks up on something, take advantage of it.

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I think poal is better. I started with voat but it seems less nigger kike faggot over there

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Sounds like you prefer the company of niggers, faggots and kikes.

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You can use both sites.

You have my permission.

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Oh thank you my stinky vampiric overlord

I actually shouldnt have said "better" than voat. I like them both but things here have been so volatile and annoying. I use these sites more as a news aggregate than anytjing else so as,long as that content isnt censored I really dont give a shit what else happens

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