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Yeah, like he’s not going to choose gibs every single time... lol.

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you know it. the only button niggers ever press is the gibs dispenser.

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Nigger stampede for gibs


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Overpopulation is real and it's very real in poor areas.

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"Sheeet...dey dindu nuffin."

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Memes are already aimed for people that have no attention span.

You dont need the oversimplification below.

Let people make a bit of thinking.

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You say that as if they would think about this meme in any other way beyond an angry NPC face.

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I like to think that many modern day Berbers are closely related to the ancient Egyptians.

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I'm pretty sure Europeans wouldn't even have thought of enslaving Africans, if the first thing they got offered for trade wouldn't have been slaves. The first thing they thought of was probably to put them into zoos, like with elephants, lions, etc.

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Even Romans complained about black slaves being a bad buy because all they want to do is dance, sing and have sex. They also didn't like Irish slaves because they were so dumb.

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If deyz kangs 'n shiet, don't they owe Jews a fuckton of gibsmedats for the whole 430 years of slavery in Egypt thing?

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*can't read

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It's alright if Black kings do it, did you know that the vikings were black? Whitey should know their place, the oppression of the Black king was to keep them from rising up to their natural place at the top of the social hierarchy.

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Current Egypt isn't black, nor was ancient Egypt. If so, niggers have never been able to replicate it. They look pretty middle eastern to me https://www.hpyshare.com/1048506567 -- I've heard Armenian but who knows. Also Egypt's current soccer team doesn't look black at all...looks very middle eastern https://www.hpyshare.com/8683745990

Egyptians don't identify as black and they dislike niggers too. I found a few articles talking about racial discrimination in Egypt. "The black community constitutes a substantial proportion of the Egyptian population, yet many Egyptians seem to consider them an inferior minority, subjecting them to varying degrees of racial discrimination and degrading treatment." --- "There is a staggering contempt of everything that is African. Egyptians even get offended if you refer to them as African." - Abdel Rahman Sherif, founder of the Black in Egypt blog, told al-Araby al-Jadeed. https://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/features/2015/7/23/being-black-in-egypt

Also one with the title of "8 Disturbing Things to Know About Being Black in Modern Day Egypt". "Article published by Aljazeera declares that there is “long-standing racism that threatens the security and livelihoods of Egypt’s [sizable] sub-Saharan population.” -- I suggest looking at the articles for more in-depth look https://atlantablackstar.com/2015/10/16/8-disturbing-things-know-black-modern-day-egypt/ ---- The same way Saudi Arabians are 'Asian', Egyptians are 'African'. Just the continent they lie on. Even Egyptians take a look at nigs and dodn't see them as humans.

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Egyptians don't identify as black and they dislike niggers too.

I think that extends to quite a lot of areas in North Africa. In one of the subvoats, someone posted a pic that showed the percentage of people that would approve of their son or daughter marrying a black. The cucked Western European countries had high approval ratings while most of the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranean countries had very low approval ratings. Only the North Africa countries had single digit approval ratings, meaning "Hell no, we wouldn't let our kids marry niggers."

I assume it's that low because the Berbers, Egyptians, etc. live on the same continent as these monsters so they have a (rightly) negative view.

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