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But they don't realize this because the decision to go on a sex strike was made on emotional grounds instead of logical grounds.

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Feminists and women in general hate being reduced to a series of holes. By doing this, that's precisely what they've accomplished. "Do what we want or you won't get access to our holes."

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females are overrated in everything!

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"Logically, such women are no different than prostitutes" ... have you ever known a woman who accepted logic? Or even acknowledged it?

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I made this exact comment 3 days ago, and I'm a woman. https://voat.co/v/funny/3217390/18593661

These people reject femininity and womanhood and then claim to represent woman. They don't. Real women are just as disgusted as you are.

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The internet would have you believe that every woman is a lurking feminist. I live in a neighborhood packed with families. None of these women are feminists. They are normal people enjoying life and getting their piece when they need it from their husbands. In fact, I have never met a single feminist in person. I have to believe that the percentage of men hating feminists in the US must be in the single digit percentages. They only seem common because they seek attention on the internet.

Just as obnoxious men need the shit kicked out of them to knock them down a few pegs, I think feminists would benefit from the same. Avoiding a social beating is a decent way to control behavior.

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Well, back in the Medieval days they had the stocks ... where you could get one hell of a "social beating" but I don't know that it made a great deal of difference in the long run, though I'm sure it provided a good deal of entertainment. I wouldn't mind at all if feminists ended up in the stocks; it'd make for a very popular reality TV show.

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I remember my mother telling me most woman of today are worse then prostitutes because at least a prostitute is getting payed for her degeneracy.

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one of a woman's oldest tricks in the book. i used to tell my ex that when she was horny i won't give her a good spanking and they are not the only fish smelling twat around.

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He is absolutely correct and I should mention that sex has apparently become meaningless to most women in general. Up here, it's not unusual to find 18 year-old girls on leolist.cc exchanging sex for money on the web. They have no shame about it and almost feel pride in doing that instead of legitimate work. It seems that decades of feminism have indeed liberated the female to be the biggest tramp imaginable.

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Different from.

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Small minds are easy too manipulative measures this demonstrates it perfectly do as you will but is it your will