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I think people falling for traps is only a thing that happens in anime and in mentally ill male's minds. No person that's not delusional thinks any trannies actually look like women.

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Dont forget people at the bar, drunk. I know a guy who made out with a tranny until the tranny suggested they go back to his place. My friend was like, sure! Tranny was kind enough to say, "Just so you know, I'm "special," (or "different' I dont remember which word he said it used) and took his hand and put it on his package.

My friend might've beaten the guy to a pulp once he found out in privacy. Probably a self preservation behavior on the tranny's part.

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Yup. Happened to me in a bar. Bartender told friends. Friends told me. It was quite disorienting. Didn't even want to fight. I just had to leave immediately, and spit a lot. Luckily it was just a kiss, but I think there are plenty of guys who have had BJ's while drunk and didn't even know it was a guy.

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Yeah "beaten them to a pulp", "I was totally drunk, dudes!"...buncha fags

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Tbh it happens with asians a lot I imagine. Asian males often look very feminine in both face and bone structure which is why you have asians trannies who actually do look like women. Probably also why the whole trap thing is mostly seen in anime too. Shit at my work theres one (not so much a surgery tranny but more a cross dressing tranny) and youd have a very hard time telling theyre not a woman till they speak

With whites though? Lmao never. No white tranny ever passes. Body structure and facial features make it impossible.

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No white tranny ever passes

Taylor Swift.


There are many others.

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Ehh, happens online a lot with things that are just voice and very rarely video as well. On top of them being trannies or at least faggots the only reason they pass is because they are underage so they are liable to get you turned into a sex offender regardless of if you are interested or not.

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pretty sure the meme was about women in general lol.

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Then why does he/she have a penis?

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There are no such things as "traps" irl though

I encounter several trans people a week in my daily life because of where I live, and even the ones that can pass in their glamor photos are incredibly easy to identify from a mile away irl because of their mannerisms. With literally ZERO exceptions they are either acting like an over-the-top exaggerated "feminine slut" (a caricature of what a man with a very narrow minded fetish imagines women to be) or they act exactly like a man that just happens to be playing dress up that day. Anyone worried about this needs to get off their computer and get out in the real world once in a while.

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I only saw one passable post op tranny who must have born very feminine looking to begin with. They gave off a very odd vibe, not easily placeable. Over the pone i can imagine a trap. Thailand is infamous for having 10,000 passable labyboys in prostitute areas, who are actual traps.

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you shall not pass

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mandalf the gay.

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Very subtile bulge, even people in the comments are falling for the trap!

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Always look for the "Michelle Obama Tranny Bulge"!

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That's why we build stairs !

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Even without the bulge it would be a trap...

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What comic is this?

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