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"Well! It's obvious I don't have a man, I'm boycotting men until they make us equal! Hell, I don't need a man anyway! So there! Nyah!"

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We've seen this before during The Prohibition.

"Lips lips that touch liquor shall not touch ours."

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I remember seeing that for the first time and immediately going "Y'know... I'm okay with that."

5+ years later and whores are threatening to withhold access to their holes? Y'know... I'm okay with that.

History repeats itself.

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Why does it seem like so many old timey women we're so goddamn fugly? I wouldn't stick my dick in any of that.

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it's a pack of grannies. they're ugly no matter what time they're in.

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A lot of it is hair and makeup.

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Low market value, so create the image of artificial scarcity.

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Y'know, I remember reading somewhere that this image was actually made by Anti Prohibitionists to satirize supporters of Prohibition... In fact, I'm pretty sure I also read that the "woman" in that picture are actually crossdressing men.

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I that Mr. Bean's mom? You'll know which one I'm referring to.

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"It" looks like 96% of the fems out there. No strike here mate.

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When nobody cares to put your rancid pussy on a pedestal anymore, you gotta try to do it youself

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Now they get to learn what little leverage they have due to their lifetime of mistakes.

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More of a pig that 'liberal' woman.

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So' they're practicing abstinence till they can murder their unborn again, go figure...

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we really are winning...…

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