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Anybody have an article that breaks down the timeline for whatever is going on here? I stopped paying attention back towards the end of the mueller probe and need an update.

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They new AG is investigating the whole Mueller investigation. John Durham, the guy Barr has looking into it, has already gone up against Mueller and the FBI in the 90s and won.

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All political theater I am afraid. See the following and maybe you will understand.



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Time to pay the Barr tab.

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Call me cynical but until something real happens, and we know there has been cause, I'll assume this is a continuation of the circus to keep attention away from real issues in the country. All being paid by you, taxpayer.

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as a german i can honestly say i have no clue what this pic says, is that still impeachment stuff?

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It means the people with dirty hands (feet) all lead to the opposition.

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Essentially, that the democrats messed up with using the mueller investigation as a witch-hunt / smokescreen because it is going to lead back to the corruption within the Obama administration and Clintons 2016 campaign.

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