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Room temperature IQ.

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In Celsius.

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I only understand freedom units.

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Below freezing.

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Edit: Really don't want any of my work info on here. Taking down my stupid comment

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Below room temperature but above 75? How hot do you keep it in there? My upper limit for room temp is like 72.

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Room temperature is 68°F

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Only a nigger would be dumb enough to spend $500 on a mask that looks that bad.

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As funny as this is their stupidity is incredibly dangerous. Anywhere they have a White scapegoat they use it and persecute with their usual viciousness. They are not like us, they are animals, they need to go.

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They aren't too stupid to figure out that whites are increasingly sick of them and their bullshit. I'd say she's figured out the Chicago niggers are not an asset and not necessary.

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How can niggers expect to be treated like humans when they act like animals. They think barking at people is socially acceptable. We should do what Israel is doing and but them on a plane (a boat would be better) back to Africa.

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Then they yelled, “This is MAGA country”!

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I was going to make a stupid joke like, "This must be how communists see me when I post things."
But it's not joke worthy, it's just sad.
They are actually retarded.

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Nigger conspiracy theorists are the best.

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The only thing missing is her posts about how they used to have flying pyramids piloted by Yakub scientists.

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Like HIV/AIDS being created by the government to annihilate black people. Instead of them looking at their promiscuity and total lack of self-control and proper precaution as the reasons for their STD rates, they blame the white government.

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Don't forget crack and heroin that scientists made even more addictive to niggers so we can now pay for drug addict niggers on welfare.

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This. Same goes for homosexuals - it's certainly not their immune system collapsing from doing poppers all day and having a thousand sexual partners. It's a conspiracy virus!

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When niggers go full conspiritard

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Lol, they found us out, the gigs up! If this isn’t clown world I don’t know what is.

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Would be funny, if you just replace white with jew and spam it with Kang accounts.

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