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Is her brother the Kwisatz Haderach?

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Yeah I almost posted a Dune picture last week. lol

[–] andrew_jackson 3 points 1 points (+4|-3) ago 

The sand people, while easily startled, will soon return and in numbers.

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good one

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The spice must flow

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She is quite the bundle of joy to watch. Best entertaining I have had in a long time. She reminds me of old Dennis Miller with her cadence.

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I might have to check this girl out. Voat is sure sellin her hard

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She is one of the few "pundit" types out there who genuinely is "our guy".

While there are alarming questions about the loyalties of people like Tommy Robinson (birth name- Stephen Lennon, a jew) and Jordan Peterson, and there are even some more minor questions about someone like Owen Benjamin due to his self-admitted jewish blood- this girl doesn't have any of this questionable stuff surrounding her.

She's White. She doesn't just "pwn teh libz" by making fun of feminists. She regularly names the jew. Her brother writes the scripts for her videos. I would be shocked to find out that either she or her brother aren't regular Voat users, or at least lurkers.

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Peterson is a self admitted shill, he has said his goal is to prevent people from going to the far right. Tommy Robinson is likely a shill considering how many Israeli flags get waved around at his events. Owen Benjamin is not a shill though. Him being a jew is just a rumor.

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What did this chick do?

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got dam

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holy shitballs.

that's not normal. that had to have coaching. still great.

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Whoa. I don't watch videos, but what did she say? The still looks like she's wearing a hijab....

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That's so fucking good that might go on my personal Facebook once I sober up.

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She rekindled my pride for humanity.

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You people are gonna get that girl to kill herself.

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