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I'm just going to copy and past this other dude.

"You bring up a very interesting point. Alternative social media stars constantly rail against the corruption and bias of their respective platforms, but they are always at their mercy. There is constant calls for government intervention (something I oppose and I think will only make things worse) or these stars being forced to get donations via non-conventional ways.

I think the proper response is this: If all the disaffected Youtube stars and wrongthink Twitter users banded together collectively deleted their channels, and moved them to their free speech counterparts (Gab, Bitchute, and the like) it would have a devastating effect on the mainstream outlets.

Their subscribers would be forced to the free speech alternatives if they wanted such content. This would increase traffic to free speech sites and force them to be recognized as legitimate competitors in the social media marketplace. With Youtube and Twitter no longer being able to control public discourse, their power will be utterly broken.


Bro is dead on its time to do something about this shit. I'll try to edit an @ post for him.

Edit: @IndigoElectric

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The alternative sites need to step up their game as well.

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Then we need to help pay for it. That shit isn't free. We also need to make sure they don't run on AWS as it's a singular fail point.

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Don't start the Gab kike bull shit... I've shown numerous times it is completely false.

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Disappointed to hear that about bitchute. Is there any other video platforms that dont remove NZ shooting?

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why is bitchute taking down?

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Thanks man I really appreciate this

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He's right, but the reason it won't happen is because these people only care about their bank accounts, and big tech gives them a bigger audience to get people to donate to them. On top of that, all they do is virtue-signal and tell you want you want to hear, instead of using their huge reach to organize protests / rallies to advance the right-wing cause. The only guy I ever saw doing anything was Ali Alexander. I'm not a fan of him, but I respect that he's actually out there on the streets doing something rather than just crying on Twitter and saying we need bigger government.

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it's only a matter of time before she drops the J bomb

i watched her Meincraft stream and that GloboHomo Israeli flag was a clear indication she's J-woke

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Yeah and by the fucking way I want the word woke back. It use to mean you took so many red pills you were a lazer autistic. When did those cunts get there hands on it.

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definitely agreed, woke was /ourword/

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Woke started out as a nigger word and was appropriated by our kind.

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that's so funny

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Mein Kampf Kraft

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She has, but apparently she's been scared to really go hard for fear of being taken down as well as seen as crazy.

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Did you catch that line in her video?

"I am against all forms of antisemitism... After all, you wouldn't want to be labelled a NAZI, now would you? (-:"

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Full 18 min video that yt banned. Thanks soph


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So let me get this straight, YouTube is saying that a 14 year old girl is bullying and harassing a 1500 year old patriarchal religion that has nearly 2 billion followers?

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Even if that was the case it calls into question why the thousands of videos attacking Christianity havent been taken down at all. Seems it only applies when its criticism of Muslims or Jews. Really makes you think 🤔

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In a time where we need strong men, can we just give this little girl a pat on the head and a sub and NOT make her into an idol.

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How does one kid get so based in just 14 years?

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For what its worth, her response to this question: she said on stream that she has an autoimmune disorder so she spent most of her childhood online instead of out playing sports or with friends.

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Reading a script. The videos where she is live she fumbles around as much as one would expect from an 11 year old claiming to be 14 so the channel doesn't get shut down.

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Literally everyone who makes commentary videos reads a script. Writing a masterful script or writing out convincing arguements and backing them up with evidence is a much different skill than debating in real time. I don't expect them to be masters at debating. She's clearly not 11, if you think that you haven't seen a 11 or 14 year old in a while. The only problem would be if she doesn't believe anything she is told to say, but I also think that's clearly not the case as evidence of her live streams and Twitter feed, etc.

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Agreed, but she recently live-interviewed some guy and did a pretty good job, so a lot of this is really her I suspect.

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Well at least her older sibling is redpilling her

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the "but she's reading from a script!" shit is really annoying, like of fucking course youtube videos are scripted, nobody wants to listen to someone rambling on for 15 minutes and tripping over their words. Of course they'd plan out what they're going to say before hand.

Somehow some people think that being 'scripted' somehow means it's malicious or fake.

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There are some interesting P2P-based streaming services, mostly for live sports, ie TVAnts.

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Tried to watch, but the video in the link wont play. I subscribed to her youtube channel earlier today while I was at work, but never had a chance to watch. Anyone else have other sources?

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Way to go Jew Tube, Way to shit on our free speech

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