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He has had cancer so no fucks given .

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Hey sick man with cancer, you shared a joke? No more earning a living for you! Now shut up whilst we brainwash your children with gay/trans propaganda and install Islamic leadership in your country, respect your new black royal family too or we'll lock you in a cage! United Kuckdom in a nutshell, they should all leave whilst they have the chance.

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I woke up, looked at my phone which is set on voat and this was the first post. I laughed so loud I almost fell out of bed. I live in the UK and I needed this. Husband immedeately told me about the guy that got sacked. I'm like :) :(

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Danny Baker has been sacked for this tweet cos it’s waycist. It’s the same as that fiasco with the “coolest monkey in the jungle” top for some clothing store - those protesting the waycism have to tacitly admit the remarkable similarities between blacks and monkeys in order to express their outrage, it’s actually quite funny really.

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We is kangz

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Ill have you know that the first Britons wuz actually black.

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Title Here

Ha ha.

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That's not a baby, its a mutant abomination.

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WHY didn't they name him Tupac? Or at least Tyrone. They should move to Chad now I guess.

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