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It's only okay to ask a girl out if you can read her mind and know what she thinks of you. If you're not a mind reader, then you are rapist. Clown world.

[–] revfelix 1 point 46 points (+47|-1) ago 

Reading her mind is just mind rape, you misogynist!

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Did you just gender him?

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Fucking male ESP toxicity!!

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Approach women who stare at you.

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How'd you know she was looking at you if you weren't looking at her?

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Like how else are you to go about expressing interest.

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have your attorney contact her attorney to negotiate a date offer, have it signed and notarized by all parties

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Have your father arrange your marriage with her father. The rise of Dating culture is the #1 reason our young now act like whores.

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Clown world is real. It has swirling vortexes in certain places. For instance, Reddit.

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Make women property again!

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It's the future no matter what they do. Either a firm white man reigns or muslims will own them.

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HINT: Pick the one that will treat you better

[–] andrew_jackson ago 

made my day

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Sounds better when a woman says it!

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We will when Islam takes over rest assured. Atleast those faggots believe their beliefs. Christians are such pussies

[–] Eualos 1 point 34 points (+35|-1) ago 

This would help to explain why so many of the younger generation are single. If women won't ask guys out and guys aren't allowed to ask women out no one will be together, everyone will be lonely and bitter.

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All according to (((plan))).

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that's where homosexuality comes in 👍 not gay? don't worry, it's not gay if it's a feminine penis!

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Yeah, that and the girls are absolutely fucking shit. Nigger lovers, whores, bitches, incompetent retards, I could go on all fucking day.

Women are a terrible investment, and I'm a firm believer in artificial wombs.

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They didn't used to be. It's all symptoms of a larger problem.

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Women are a terrible investment

This is why they used to come with a dowry. To bribe you into take good care of them. And by good care I mean feed and shelter, with minimal beatings.

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Hmm isnt it a big coincidence that these attitudes prevail among whites, while black men singing about treating women as property make millions. That there is conveniently now a bunch of porn outlets for men who stopped bothering going after women. Surely there isnt someone behind this

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That's purely a cohencidence

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So guys. Who else is praying for a year long power outage?

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Make it so number 2

[–] bubby963 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Lmao a year? Give it a fucking week.

[–] LightestHour ago 

A succession of week-log outages back to back would work just as well

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"praying" is the epitome of giving in

[–] BushChuck 1 point 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

It's better than finishing my sentence with "...in Minecraft".

[–] SyriansFuckCorpses ago 

Yeah we need to build an EMP

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Yeah... never be friendly to a fem.... you can tell them by kool aid hair dye, nose rings, unwashed obscure band tees, ripped jorts, and boots.

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Jean shorts.

[–] Kalergi ago 

Shorts so short it looks like a jock.

[–] mf1776 ago 

600lbs of lard is usually the first sign.

[–] HeavyBrain ago 

Boots are ok aslong they are accompanied with a gun and a shooting range memebership.

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Talk about logic; women will spend hours getting their makeup ready, and will wait outside the bar in -40 in their tank tops and high heels, with the cleavage bra BECAUSE no woman ever wanted to get attention for their appearance.

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They want attention, just not from you, you ugly freak average looking male under 6’ tall.

[–] HeavyBrain 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Don't forget broke, if you don't own a private island (peninsular the size of india and the same amount of minirals won't do) no dice creep.

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Definitely, as 5'6" average looking character, I DEFINITELY had to try a lot harder than some of my friends in my single days...

One thing it taught me was that it's not so much the things that women SAY they want as much as what they want men to make them feel. Ex: They say they want a tall guy, but they just want to FEEL like the guy they are with is capable of protecting them....

[–] weezkitty ago 

6ft is almost a full standard deviation above average. Meaning only ~16% of men are 6ft or taller

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No they do want it but only from handsome rich men who dont need thots like them.

[–] Notimportant36 ago 

That was definitely another thing I noticed in my single days, women will act like THOTS with the mentality that this will help them find a quality guy, but the harder they try the more they wind up attracting the same people that will fuck & chuck that they hoped to avoid.

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Oh but they do it for THEMSELVES not for you.

I always love this lie. I look good in a suit and like wearing them to work. But I dont do it when its summer and 37 degrees out. But noooo women wear next to nothing in the winter just for them. No other reason

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B-But just because a woman has a short skirt doesn't mean she w-wants it!

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when does the gassing start?

[–] Phantom42 ago 

Oh we're not wasting gas on that bitch.

[–] Lynch_Tree ago 

Just toss her to the niggers for a good gang rape.

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What happened to the 'Strong Independent Women'™ that we keep hearing about?

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