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did i miss something, did they change the meaning of another word? prettier must mean "cause of erectile dysfunction"

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Their whole worldview is constructed around postmodernist subjectivity. Thus, no one can be "prettier" than anyone else, because everyone is just as "pretty" as everyone else in their own way(s). Leftism is the destruction of hierarchies; this is what happens when it infects language itself.

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destruction of hierarchies

I thought it was about the "construction of hysterics" ... 'eh. Potato, potato.

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Why does this sound like a discussion you'd hear at the cafeteria on campus?

Cunningly Lingual.

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Calling everything subjective is their strategy for avoiding problems and inconveniences. Then when reality smacks them in the face they dive into delusion.

[–] imdrowning ago 

well 1 of them is worth having a baby with the other I would move seats if it sat next to me on a plane/theater/toilet

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The bulge in a conservative woman's pants is a gun, The bulge in a liberal woman's pants is a penis.

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The bulge in my pants is a vasocongested cock

[–] newoldwave ago 

or a banana

[–] Landrictree ago 

That, or a gunt.

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The hog looks like it's obtaining sweet relief from abdominal pain by passing gas.

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Is that t shirt aimed at hippos? Because I think they are prettier than her also.

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You used to need heavy drugs in your system to be that delusional.

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Jesus fuckin christ, a dead pig is prettier than that abomination.

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What about Need Beatty?

Edit: Ned, the actor in Deliverance who had to "Squeal like a pig"

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The fuck is that? Never heard of "need beatty" like, "need to beaty my meaty"? I dont get it

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If you view everything through the lens of power it does begin to make sense why a bitch would intentionally make themselves as ugly as possible and then demand that you bend the knee and refer to her as attractive.

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Imagine how many guns the behemoth can hid in those fatfolds.

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