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Typical woman, confusing liberal with left wing

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I've never seen the difference between liberal and leftist. Sargon is another liberal and he's made an openly declared enemy of the right, same with all his kind when pressed. They're shades of left from what I've seen.

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Liberal may refer to the 17th-18th century liberty based philosophy. Plenty of people call themselves “liberal” without being left wing. It’s just that now most people who call themselves “liberal” are Gramschiite neo-Progressivist lefitists.

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The old liberal stuff lead to today too. We weren't doing fine in the 50s or hundred years ago, the rot had already set in. We're simply seeing it in advanced stages and accelerating now. The theory and culture that caused the problems was spreading long before current times.

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It seems in the 2000s, liberal meant just supporting gay marriage and being pro-choice. Leftist currently connotes hating America, white people, and finding everything offensive and working to censor it.

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In america* everywhere else it just means free trade and not getting into people's business.

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Leftists are not liberal.

Joe Rogan and Alex Jones are liberal.