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To be fair, young women also have to resist a relentless attack of propaganda from birth, that arguably gets worse as they mature. Don't get filthy tatts, don't do drugs, don't be promiscuous, don't be vulgar, don't date outside your race, don't be an Instagram thot, don't be a lesbian or tranny, etc. "You're perfect. Don't break it."

Basically, for men it's a list of "do's"; for women it's a list of "don't's". I'm not necessarily saying they're equal, but we must acknowledge how extraordinarily challenging that must be for young women when everyone around them is sleeping around, getting inked, every ad and entertainment medium tells them it's cool to fuck niggers, kids are gross and ruin your life, it's a modern world so do whatever the hell you like and nobody will judge you for it, marriage is outdated, men are scary and evil, degeneracy is empowering, joy lies in office cubicles and boardrooms, etc. Oh and doing anything decent/sensible is supposedly playing right into the patriarchy's hands so you have a feminist obligation to ruin yourself.

Any girl who makes it to adulthood in one piece in this environment would have to be someone very special. It's our job to fuck the kikes off so they don't have to be, but us men have been at least as deficient in performing our role for generations.

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the post said "how to find a partner" I'm not sure what you're thinking of.. girls with filthy tatts, do drugs, are promiscuous, are vulgar, date outside their race, are thots, lesbian tranny etc. All are still able to find partners. Just not the type of partner you have in mind. But they still find partners none the less. They might be black, tranny, lesbians, full of tatts and aids but that's what they're looking for anyways.

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A lot of those women end up with decent men.

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They are irrelevant to me.

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well in that case there is nothing that girls cant do then, i have seen plenty of giant women find partners.

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Good point. But I'd add that not only would the girl be special, her parents would no doubt be very special too, which means one of many things for me... great GRANDPARENTS!!!

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not to mention they're more prone to getting beat up, they have to tactfully ward off dudes who want to use them for sex., women who want to stay at home and raise kids are shamed.

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Yeah, came here to say that.

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Seems more like a how 2 be a cuck guide...

Just grab em by the pussy

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So uhhh like a bowling ball?

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Where's the third finger go?

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....our ancestors knew exactly what they were doing when they forced young people to marry early and make babies early in life (as its done in china and india still)... both men and women after the age of 30(ish) become insufferable calculating douche-bags and it is not possible to form a bond based solely on feelings alone (as it is before 25) , as it should be to raise a healthy human being...... all the bullshit about women this, mgtow that, misandry bs, is all collective solution\reaction to a problem we could have all avoided if we just listened to our elders.

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in my eyes women are a joke... a shitload of them suffers from serious mental/emotional disorders... theyre full of inferiority complexes frustration why not rage depressive shits and so on... watch the fuck out in who u r gonan stick ur dick and cum... u might propagate some genes u dont want to....

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Society imposes the idea that they are supposed to compete with men. When most try and fail, the cognitive dissonance manifests as neuroticisms.

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im not from us.. .suposing u r.. .so i dunno what ur society impose to them but... its very important of what context were talking about... cause if were talking about a society connected to mass media thn the bullshit is outstanding and i think i know that society.. its a weak group a superficial one who in a way or another lets itself easly manipulatied by all that equalitarian(which is mostly psuhed for politico-economical reasons) crap and yea.. that group represents a good % of the shit what lies in many us women... theyre weak and very susceptible to what pussies lieks to believe... cause socially they have something vbery important for them to gain... and the gov induced pussification fo men helps that shit a lot... the problem is that category has little to none tangencies in rl what requires an objective thinking for solving a lot of problems... imitating what is considered the right path is never enough.. its even worse... at least from the angle of doing the shit for the eyes of the world...thats what i call socialists...

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Of course they have depression the media, their friends, their family and their teachers actively demonizes the things that make them happy (motherhood, social/community ties, nest keeping, and cooking). They're too stupid to realize this it's our job to teach them. It's just like how the try to demonize the things men like (hunting, fishing, wood working, gym etc etc) but men reject it because we are more defiant.

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there are things to be done in this direction... but to shorten the shits out... they must be put at their place... and also recognize that place.. .many still have that trait in them... now speaking from the infos i have about us... the thing is that in time certain socio-politico-economical cells in us intentionally developed in them other needs and desires and that % of the fake ones i consider its preety big... i mean i dont want women not to be happy or have what they need want or shits like that... its terrible to not want a strager have its part of happiness... the problem is the shit what lies in their heads... theyre bio-chemically weak and dont have auto-control... in my eyes they easly tend to become like spoiled brats.. and that shit is like a dead end...

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You could replace “women” with “men” in that statement and it would still be completely accurate.

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as i said before.. its insanely hard to dodge that generalization issue... but if were talking about %... one damn important element what stood at the base of what i said there then u realize there are (very) big differences at this chaper and the implications also... lets say we can learn an ape to drive a car but unavoidably itll be a matter of time till hell fuck it up... bio-chemically there are thousands and thousands of years apart between men and women... genetically since forever men dragged women after them... otherwise women would still be in somekind of ape phase...

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This is bullshit. The only thing a man has to be to get a woman is to put out the impression that he's a survivor. That's it! That no matter what life throws your way, you'll muddle through it somehow.

If what you say is true then no poor man would ever get a 10 girl. But they do! I've even seen absolutely stunning women with husbands who don't work, don't have an ounce of muscle and don't own Jack shit. What keeps them together is the fact the man makes no bones about it and will just show her the door if she complains. He never apologises for how he is, just makes it plain that if she doesn't like it, she can fuck off.

What women loathe is a man whose weak. She'll try to get you to do something like giving up smoking, or quitting the booze. If you do give it up 'for her', your days are fucking numbered and she will loathe and detest you. Just watch the sex drop off!

No woman wants you to change. They want you to be a man with a cock and balls between his legs. They aren't interested in money or good looks out muscles. Are you 14 or something?

Just look around you. Look at who the hot girls are dating. Look at the men they're with. Some will have money, some will have muscles but a lot won't have either. How do all those broke, ugly fuckers get hot women?

Stop taking shit from anyone. I don't mean be violent, just be your own man. Fuck what everyone else thinks. Dripping wet cunt will come along. Keep the act up and you'll be buried together. If you slip up once, she'll fucking bury you! Don't cry or show weakness ever! Not even at your mom's funeral. If you have to cry, do it in the toilet, splash your face with cold water and tell her you were taking a shit.

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just fucking kill me now...

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Why? Do you play games on easy too?

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Typically when one does that they're in it for the story and are generally disinterested in arbitrary bullshit.

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being a landwhale doesnt hurt their chances. i was going to say all a woman needs is a vagina, but actually thats not true anywore either.

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Based and blackpilled!

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Yeah i feel i passed event horizon when it comes to dating, im 30 and women just arent interested, i dont know what they are interested in, but its certainly not in me, and theres nothing that i can do about it, its not gonna get fixed with a good car, you either are 6´3 and make them wet just by standing up or its over.

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Bullshit. 30 is nothing. I know broke, ugly 50+ year old men who are fucking 25 year old hot bitches.

Stop giving a fuck. Also, lose all quality control. Aim to fuck the mentally ill (you've got to start somewhere). Bone a few of them, then go for the ugly retarded fuckers. Get a few of them in tow, and before you know it, you'll be pals with their pals (who are hot), hot bitches will see you hanging out with hot bitches. Tell these hot bitches that you only fuck retards, fat fuckers and the criminally insane (and mean it) and they'll be all over you.... Hold out though, because hot girls have even hotter friends, wait for the one. Then grab her with both hands, fuck a baby into her and never look back! Don't worry if you don't have enough money to raise a child, nobody has enough money to raise a child. Fuck a baby in her and tell her you'll muddle through!

Then you'll be a man my son!

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So basically, fuck around and contribute to the issue of modern women being vapid whores who are used up by.... Well shit, they're used up by 18 anyway...

Basically, you wish to perpetuate the idea being a whoremonger is fine?

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I know i might have to lower the bar, i just dont know how much, it seems the answer is all the way down.

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Chad as fuck

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Most Chads and Beckys wont survive the first round of shtf.

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Shtf started a long time ago, since 1945, its not gonna be like in the movies.

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