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I think he doesnt give a fuck honestly, his film career is long gone and hes old, he probably has nothing to fear.

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THIS ^^^ He was probably cast out of Sodomywood a long time ago and has little to lose!

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Ditto John Voight

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Because he is theater. Just like trump

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How does this clown who never names the Jew and only comments on globohomo approved manufactured controversies keep his twatter account?

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It’s called having balls.

Some men have them, some pretend they are men.

A real man will stand his ground affirming his word, impervious to shame.

Or by God’s good grace get buried with his boots on in that same hard cold ground.

No one around to remember thy name, thine self only to blame

For the carving in stone his name not alone no kingdom no throne

Yet infamous

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James Woods has the money and time, and recent history of suing anyone that threatens or slanders him.
Twitter censoring James Woods would be like Jack jumping on an armed anti-personnel mine to see if it would go off.

They don't touch him, because he not only carries a big stick, but he's actively beating lefties with it right now.

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Dude if he gets banned nobody would care and life would go on, because twitter is fucking dumb.

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Fuckin savage.

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The price is wrong bitch...

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Trump’s price was his daughter.

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Aoc is the elected person because of the Democrats corruption Bernie has 0 chance and TBH he is in it to steal the peoples money he doesn't want to win trust me

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There's a pattern I've noticed in politics, and incumbent can seemingly pick their opponent by choosing which one to engage with. Their party will defend them and that will dig their heals in on that being their guy. I wonder if trumps noticed that too.

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The price is wrong bitch... -some fucking kike.

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Bow before your Jew overlords boomers

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You're not wrong. But, at least the Jewish savior Messiah is also the Christian and Islamic Anti-Christ! So we win as long as we do our jobs when the time comes.

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You're a religious extremist. You're retarded like muslims are.

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