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Fair. White rage feels more like a toggle than a dial. Just want to live our awesome lives raising families. So when the switch finally gets flipped it's begrudgingly... We could have lived there rest of our lives being delightful, but society had to risk the safety of the one thing we care about... Our families.

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I couldn't have said it better.

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Is Hiroshima level 0?

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what about morals? dignity? prosperity? freedom? multiplanetary civilizations? human rights?

it doesn't matter if you bomb Germany and Japan into apocalypse. they will bounce back because of their people.

you can give africa trillions and it will still be a shithole.

germany and japan have almost no natural resources. africa is like winning the natural resources lottery.

what kind of future do you want for humanity?

this isn't hate. you shouldn't hate anyone. you can still enjoy music and food from different cultures. these are just the inconvenient truths about the world.

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Fuck off hippy.

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If you gave Japan and/or Korea the natural resource of China, China would be #4.

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I wish, more than anything, that any of this were true.

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Don't let your memes be dreams.

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wow that's philosophically deep

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one more should be added, a full-on revolution with tons of protests and riots in the street.. race war now, whites are getting dangerously close to only 50% in USA.. fuck

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Meh, Whites have always been a global minority and that never stopped us before... we just need the impetus to put the boot back on the neck.

Our race is literally unstoppable!

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That's the kind of attitude I like to see around here. Too many blackpills going around.

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White anger is not the problem. White resolve is. It takes a lot to make us change course. When we do, watch out. The same resolve that makes us loath to begin violence and world changing destruction, also makes us slow to stop violence and destruction before everyone is dead and everything destroyed.

General Hirohito was right to be worried when he said: "I've awakened a sleeping giant."

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Admiral Yamamoto. Hirohito was the emperor.

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It's honestly up to us and /pol/ to meme our brothers back into the awareness of the situation that is facing them. We are the new Paul Revere and we had better never shirk our duty.

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The child thrown off the balcony by a rampaging pavement ape, the Notre Dame burning down by some sort of non-white and all of the various other indignities we have to endure in our own countries, fuck yeah there's a reason the parasites are trying to take away our guns.

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This is what happened the last time that they came for American's guns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6ikO6LMxF4

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You bring the revolution, goys, I will bring the blue socks oy to the vey

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What will be will be.

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It'a actually more like.

1: Ugh, annoying.

2: These people are irksome.

3: Man this sucks.

4: Let's start a war.

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Meh, whatever works for you is fine with me.

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I read this in Hank Hills voice.

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As well you should.

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