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Community Theater rejects the deal on the grounds if lack of talent.

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https://archive.ph/FReqe :

2019-04-12 | Judge Sentences Lori Loughlin To 100 Hours Of Community Theater

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That'll show her.

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This is fake news, right?

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Everything posted in v/funny is the absolute truth. Also, the cheque is in the mail, I'll still respect you in the morning, and I won't cum in your mouth.

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100 hours of Guys and Dolls

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The Onion just isn't as clever as it used to be.

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Crestfallen ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Starting To Realize Series Never Going To Show Dragons Fucking


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We know it's fake news from the onion, but it's California and so it's believable.

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Other than a medium to large fine, I think this is probably going to be accurate in terms of what type of punishment she will actually receive. I don't think there is any reason to put her in jail.

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