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Cher, the only FtF transgender

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I bet she knows how to tuck and tape a double roast beef

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[Gagging Intensifies]

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For those who wonder, the tweet is real:


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Starts to factsource Cher. Stops. Says idgaf what that cunt says.

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Is there a "famous" Cher tweet or quote in regards to her support for illegal imigrants?

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I always just assumed sunny was the woman in the duo.

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He was more into the scenery towards the end.

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Until Sonny crashed into that tree.

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Their kid is FtM mayogender for what it's worth.

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they dont make men like Cher anymore

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TFW leftist scum realize they'll have to live by their own rules.

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Oh vey!

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Let them in...to another state that I don't have to live in.

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We need to get them into white suburbs and rural areas with rednecks so we can bring them some culture haha shaloms, praise israel and heil Satan!

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TFW, you get the rightwing goys to start actively spreading the diversity all over the country even faster. Shalom and praise moloch!

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she didnt care about any of those people until the moment she might have to live among third world savages that she wanted inflicted on someone else. just tell her the states she wants them to go to are racist and they wont get to have the good life there that they will when they live with her.

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LA is a hellhole, and the sobering reality that it is about to get MUCH WORSE has got them in damage control mode. They haven't learned a fucking thing.

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lol la can't get any worse. Hopefully they'll clear out the nogs from the ghetto and property value will shoot up as soon as the blacks are replaced. and then the 'immigrants' won't be able to afford it and they'll start infesting the desert and Central California.

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Singing a different tune now.

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No that's just the autotune kicking in.

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Actually, Cher can sing... you're thinking of someone born after 1980.

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Look at that giant jew beak on that whore! Shut up whore, enjoy your shitskins.

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drunken Armenian and Cherokee

Her father, John Sarkisian, was an Armenian-American truck driver with drug and gambling problems; her mother, Georgia Holt (born Jackie Jean Crouch), was an occasional model and bit-part actress who claimed Irish, English, German, and Cherokee ancestry.

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As an Armenian, trash like her piss me off, she is the absolute opposite of what Armenia stands for yet she holds the name. And what a fucking loser her dad was, he was born in 1926 in California meaning his parents had survived the genocide where most died. And he just wastes his life being a worthless piece of scum. The fact that Cher ended up being a libshit that has done nothing to help Armenia except try to promote fag rights there which Armenians absolutely refuse to acknowledge shows he made 0 attempt to actually raise her in a traditional Armenian manner.

Believe me, any Armenian that doesn't follow traditional Armenian beliefs might as well be called a Jew.

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Certain Armenian groups have the same noses that Jews have. Those ones are very close genetically to Jews. Armenians are a really varied group of people though. Everything from pale white Europeans to hairy Jew-lights, to straight out Arabs.

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I'm Armenian and can confirm this, Armenia is an ancient country and the kingdom once stretched all the way down to jerusalem which is why one quarter of the old city is the Armenian quarter

I'm pale white skinned with green eyes and have spent a lot of time in Armenia. There are Armenians I have seen that look like me, Armenians that look like they were Turk rape victims, Armenians that look more Greek/general olive skinned and Armenians that just looked like they came straight out of Jerusalem.

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If she could turn back time

If she could delete those tweets

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I actually laughed out loud

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When did Cher become a Republican?

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