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The graphic novel adaptation of the ghost uncle written journal of events that never happened.

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Notice they make her look like a semi cute young girl, not the disgusting looking have she is.

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Do they do this shit on purpose? And in case you were wondering... this is no shoop.

Oops, apparently (and probably for good reason) Putt blacklisted a direct link to amazon, just do a search there yourself goat and remember the 14 words.

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I hope they have her masturbation scenes!

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Funny when you know that her uncle wrote most of the diary himself. Disgusting Jew perverts.

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She could use her nose like a dildo.

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This is in the fiction section. Right?

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Member when ballpoint pens were invented. And parts of the book were written by one. 1955 must have been a good year.

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Looks like most of you missed the point here.

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fuckin jews never portray themselves accurately. Wheres the fucking hook nose? You know this bitch had a schnoz.

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