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wow. how is this the first time I have heard this theory?

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The wife and I play a game called "Old, high or Asian".

When we see someone driving terribly, we'll take our best guess and, once we're able to have a look at them, see how we fared.

It's good clean fun for the whole family!

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The three O's of bad driving. Old, Oriental, and Ovaries.

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I like this even better!

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Forgot black... Down South it's usually black fuck heads!

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Yup. Down here it's much more often a nigger than any of the above.

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This is funny shid, right there - Old, High or Asian! Funny as fuq!

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How does "soccer mom in an SUV" not end up as part of your game?

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Occasionally we'll encounter a head-scratcher that doesn't end up in any of the categories.

More often it's two or more (e.g. old and Asian).

I'm sure if we ran into enough of them, we'd make room for another category.

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Gold Lexus SUV. They are the worst drivers next to Prius’s.

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'Snot universally true. See the Super GT series across Asia and realize that in parts of Asia that half drives so bad that the other half are really good at avoiding them!

In all seriousness, parts of Asia have a wonderful car culture with many fantastic drivers in all sorts of classes and types of racing.

Still, it was funny. I just figured I'd clear that up before I put my shoes on and go outside. Yes, outside! It's like 55° out there!

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Gas gas GAAAAS (the kikes)

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These hot days are getting crazy!

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It's long-sleeve shirt weather. If I'd been out more this winter, it'd be t-shirt weather.

It's funny... In spring, 55 is t-shirt weather. In the fall, it's sweatshirt weather.

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The reason why Asian drivers in America are bad is because they are first generation Asians and only learned to drive as adults. Worse is if they are female and lack good hand to eye coordination. The ones born here are no different from others.

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Yeah, I've been all over Asia. They're not necessarily worse drivers. In fact, it requires a different set of skills to drive how they do in some of the more congested areas. It's an entirely different set of rules and they have a very different cultural view of driving etiquette.

I haven't been to India, however. I'm also not allowed to drive on public roads in China - nobody can unless they have a Chinese license. So, I've never driven in those countries.

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I've never seen a bad Jap driver; most of the terrible Asian drivers I see are chinks or jungle niggers.

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They were actually looking for the last Dutch fleet in the East Indies.

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That's pretty good haha

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I lived in Asia for 20 years. I can confirm this to be true! ;-P

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pearl harbor was an inside job.

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> confusing Chinese with Japanese

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He said Asian, not Chinese.

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Do you know what the difference is?

If you do, look at these dirty knees

Tell me, can you tell the difference between a slant and a slope?

Can you really differentiate between a Pepsi and a Coke?

If it tastes like sushi and looks like chowmien, it’s likely made from turtle turds.

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