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Interesting fact, his 7 kids don't know their father either.

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nig 1 nig 2 nig 3 nig 4 nig 5 nig 6 nig 7 Has left chat

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DeMarcus, watcha doin' with mah shower curtains?

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King Tut was a lesser ruler, who was sent to a small burial not fit for a pharaoh because of his untimely death and the power struggle that caused.

The only reason we have so much of his shit is because looters didn't find it. The dude was deformed and had two miscarriages with his (mom? sister? I can't remember) before getting killed in battle.

So if you are related to King Tut, you are the child of a deformed inbred leader who was hidden away and forgotten.

Oh yeah and the dude's dad is one of the only Pharaohs to be depicted as having big feminine hips and big round lips, other signs of congenital birth defects from inbreeding.

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They were inbred because they refused to breed with the native Egyptians

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Must be the one they compare to Michael Obama...

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built architectural wonders in egypt thousands of years ago

can't even keep basic utilities running in flint today

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His father has an orange suit.

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If I’m not mistaken, ancient Egyptians had R1a halplogroup dna, which would make them white

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Quite a few pharoah's had blue eyes.

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is that eddie murphy ??

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Through his mother?

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