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If she had a real man he would have stuck a. .357 in the face of that jew school principal and she wouldn't had to suck then fuck that dick. If her man was smart he would have said... Shit bitch let's HOMESCHOOL with the Ron Paul curriculum. Then no one has to suck a dick!

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she should have used her pussy AND homemaking skills to get a man. then homeschooled her retard son instead of being a whore.

forrest gump is a movie that normalizes feminism in history.

she wasnt oppressed. she just made bad decisions, and couldn't keep a man.

She was obviously shit at laundry and cooking.

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"The novel also provides additional backstory on his father. It is revealed that his father was a longshoreman who worked for United Fruit Company. He was killed when a crate of bananas being loaded off of a boat fell on top of him, crushing him to death."

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Bless her heart

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'Ello Comrade. Is funny because whore.

Seriously though. What did this bitch do all day that kept her too busy to homeschool her only child?

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That's classic. :-D

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as if the 'new fashioned' way doesnt involve at least a little bit of the 'old fashioned' methods as well. You really think some stuffed shirt wouldnt have tried to line up lori loughlin for a hummer at the very least?

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he hate his mom

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it's been years since i saw that movie, but i assume she fucked and sucked her son's way into school?

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uh uh UH uh uh uuuuuhhhhh

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