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THIS, 1000% this. The Qtards and trumptards are the worst. Trumptards worshiping a jew cuck with a jew SIL, jew daughter, jew ex-wives, game Jerusalem to Israel. And Qtards, with their WWG1WGA, that's the warcry of sheep, and they are too stupid to even notice. Cucks.

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If you apply Occam's razor it becomes obviously. It's the only explication that doesn't require believing in something unsubstantiated and nearly impossible to prove like lizard people.

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Dude, someone accused me of being a reptillian. . . I dont even know how the fuck they found out, I thought my cover was perfect

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one of the first memes that got me red-pilled. Thanks for the nostalgia =)

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Ah, the elephant in the room.

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the parable of the blind men and the elephant disagreeing what the thing is when they really are all describing different aspects of the same thing

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and/or more palatable, gateway red-pills.

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Yes but no, it was primarily pushing those anything but jews other blame game.

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How dare you?!

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Womp Womp

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Libtards is missing from that pic.

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