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Damn white people and their...shuffles deck food that doesn't cause childhood diabetes instanyly

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i know right food that doesn't cause your child to die in their mid 20s sooo racist

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Damn white people and their... acceptance of reality and ability to adjust to it.

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It's usually a shitty knockoff glock pistol at that age

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Fucking niggers blame every fucking problem they have on white people.

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Because they know they're inferior.

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More like because the Jews told them so. The nigger is like a wild beast, he thinks himself superior to everything that is.

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Actually if niggers shot up HuffPo half their own problems wouldn't seem like much at all.

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I'm not sure that's who wrote this article...

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"there's a perception in the black community" cuck queen and black cock aficionado Kristen Aiken likely has enough nigger cum in her ovaries that she qualifies for welfare.

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because that cant live without white people inventions

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Yes they fucking can. It's just a dirt-milling life like all of black Africa. It's not pretty, it's not comfortable, it's disease-ridden, it's famine-stricken, but they've been roaching along for thousands of years. White people have just tamed nature far better than SS Africans ever could (because they never had to).

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Shiiieeetttt! Den der be no mo gibs!

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Gibs. They are lice.

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I'll take lice over a nigger infestation any day.

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They are parasites and subsist off of a host until that host dies off

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These niggers get a fucking debit card from the government with like $400 dollars a month from the government to spend on food, and they are allowed to go to a grocery store and buy whatever the fuck they like.


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It's funny, I've had authentic African food. It's stuff like rice, beans, chicken, beef, peas & other vegetables, etc. All super healthy stuff, nothing drenched with fat and nothing with tons of sugar. Maybe if black people ate real "black people food" then they wouldn't be so fucking fat and they could stop blaming their own problems on others.

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You and I have different definitions of a healthy diet, but it's nearly universally true that if we ate like our great grandparents, we wouldn't be fat.

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if we ate like our great grandparents, we wouldn't be fat.

Guiding that plow behind a team of horses for 10 hours didn't hurt either.

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Lmaooo this. Imagine being so pathetic and victimhood obsessed as to make your healthy heritage seam to be the result of a different heritage AND CLAIM THIS SENTIMENT IS A GOOD THING; THAT BEING PROUD OF AN UNHEALTHY PAST IS GOOD. THE MENTAL GYMNASTICS ARE INSAAAAAANE

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Eat like white people? What like the fat ones? Or the skinny ones? Maybe we shouldn't get hooked up those terms like white, which add no meaning to the statement. How about Eating like healthy people. Hey HUFFPO I fixed your stupid, now pay me!

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More like fire you. Stupid is a prerequisite for those faggots.

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It was worth a shot.

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Damn, food is racist now too. I had to argue on the conspiracy sub reddit yesterday that pollution is not racist, and i got downvoted, fucking retards. Serves me right for being on reddit

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these people are unbelievable, aren't they?

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That’s because Niggers are stupid. Although I’m not surprised at all that I have things and post allowed this to be published. I’m really looking forward to the second Civil War

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