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Yeah, that's pretty fucking funny. lol

I went full 1488 finally on a match.com profile awhile back, and then my wife matched with me and told me how she loved my profile and how I wasn't afraid to speak my mind so boldly and assertively.

Chicks dig guys who own their beliefs.

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er, you were both on match while married to each other?

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I think he's saying that's how he met his wife, but I'm not 100% sure.

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shhh, everyone has hobbies

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No, I met my current wife, on match.

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I've had very similar experiences, but I'm more careful of what I say online.

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most goys believe the holocaust for free

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I don't like this trend of ending every sentence with a question-mark?

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uptalk made its way into text

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I like it. It's a clear signal that whoever you're communicating with is a weak-minded idiot who is so insecure in their thoughts that even a straightforward question is ambiguous to them.

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That's understandable?

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Technically schools teach this and history channel and fake media. NONE OF THIS HAPPENED. There’s not one shred of proof any where at all.

This was made up as a way to destroy Germans who were doing NOTHING WRONG.

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The "holocaust" is just the linchpin of a bigger lie that can never be admitted, because it would imply that the UK, Russia, and the US conspired with jews from all over the world to destroy an entirely innocent nation once (WWI because Germany was perceived as too successful) and twice (WWII because Germany dared to survive and fight back) just so that the jews could blackmail the UK into signing the Balfour Declaration, which illegitimately gave jews the rights to occupy Palestine. So the creation of the terror state israel and every crime leading up to it, as well as every crime and war afterwards would have to be admitted as the utmost treacherous war crime against the human race. They won't let that happen. Ever. As for the "holocaust"...the 300k that actually died in German prison camps, according to the official red cross numbers, were deliberately sacrificed by jews, when they used the media and demanded for all the world jewry to boycott Germany and starve them to death. This created the starvation and diseases that killed the prisoners. Admitting any of this would end the state of israel and the jewish identity. They would rather genocide the entire human race before any of them would admit to it.

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great summary.

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Although there is a certain satisfaction involved in doing this AFTER your penis has been in her. Then she has to feel dirty for having slept with someone who denied the holocaust.

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"I was raped officer, yes I know I've been dating him for 4 months and have a history of pleasant phone/text conversations with him but I retroactively retract consent for all sexual encounters we had"

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I will live this.

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I speak jew. Pay me 6 million sheckels, and I will post a "the holocaust was the worst tragedy in human history and us white people should be ashamed" to every social media outlet including voat.

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omg lol

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