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Thinks abandoning a baby alongside some random street is responsible.

Confirmed nigger.

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imagine being part of such a subhuman race that the PROOF that you are human is that you steal someones shit and abandon a small child hahaha. jesus christ, why dont they just gas themselves.

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Oy vey! Gas themselves? Do you think the holo cost is some sort of game!!! I'm calling the online police.

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"florida man". yeah that's totally the relevant descriptor. muh magic soil.

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To be fair a lot of fucked up news stories come out of Florida.

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Because they allow the press to publish allegations as fact.

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he didn't have time to rape it

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The media is trying to make it look like he is a great guy because he didn't steal or hurt the baby. The poor black man doing the right thing, he just needs the car to get to work.

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he just needs the car to get to work to make his getaway after robbing the bank.

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You should not judge people by their skin color!!! As a cisgendered white male, I know that this respectable young African-american man is the real victim here!!!

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A white baby? He thinks the car will fetch more money?

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Most animals don't hurt the young of their own species. I bet the baby was a little nigglet.

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At least!!!! lol