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The way anilingus has been pushed in just the past few years is just stunning.

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The way anilingus has been pushed in just the past few years is just stunning.

Anilingus advocacy is reprobate and is promoted as a way to make repulsive and disgusting disease-spreading sodomy seem normal.

It all started with Ken Starr highlighting details of Clinton's repulsive anilingus in his "report", which created an interest in a topic that absolutely no one normal knew anything about. Starr later joined in to defend and get off his good fag pedo pal Jeff Epstein who was a serial rapist and murderer.

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It’s all sarcastic... right? Like there’s bound to be some outliers, but like the rest are just sarcastic... right?

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You want a hate storm - mention "bug chasing" and watch the faggs go nuclear.

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bunch of pozzed up faggots.

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Yep, while I was there I would simply post related scripture and be massively downvoted every time. One time I tried talking a man out of suicide and despite being gilded a few times my comment ended up somewhere below -50. Vehemently pro-suicide and morally proud of it.

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Yeah, I only lasted <2 years there. What a shit hole. Pun not intended. I went looking for intelligent debate, but I stayed because it's fun baiting and stomping sjw's. After a while though, shit gets boring. LOL I can't believe the shit I argued about. Just for the sake of entertainment. Was fun for a while.

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Licks Dirty Asshole

Gets Sick

Learns Lesson

Licks Clean Asshole

Doesn't Get Sick

Still A Faggot

Proceeds To Regularly Post On 4Chan

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Discovers there is no such thing as a clean asshole

Dies of dysentery like it's fucking Oregon Trail

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Can't die of dysentery if all you do is hunt critters.

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All assholes are dirty and not meant to be licked.

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And thats the thing, if they are ready to lick it why should they wash hands after taking a shit.

And now consider that those fuckers usally work in the food/service industry.

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ive licked my wifes when shes clean right out of the shower

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Welcome to the Weimar Republic, circa 2019.

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We could also be pre-Communist Russia. The next decade or so will determine where we are now.

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What's with the Weimar republic thing? I haerd it was some degenerate shit but couldn't find much on Wikipedia.

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To keep it short, the years before Hitler rose to power Germany was the mecca of fag degeneracy, Berlin in particular. Imagine San Francisco LGBT parades today as if it was a daily occurrence. Jewish psychologists publishing about how man/boy love is ok.These papers and things related to the degeneracy is what the book burning were largely about(That's why they tell you there were book burnings but not which books were being burned)

As for the name "Weimar republic":

The Weimar Republic is an unofficial historical designation for the German state from 1918 to 1933.

It's just another name for germany at the time.

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Read about the hyperinflation they experienced. Same will happen to the dollar.

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Gheys, dey eat da poo poo.

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nigger music is trying to normalize it in for straight people for too.

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Ah, Africans.

Even a broken clock is right every now and then.

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That was a funny video

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Faggots do faggoty things and then act shocked when nature abhors a faggot

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But it's natural for children to be raped and abused to be gay. It's natural Goys it's only bigots and nazi racists that don't accept them why are you being antisemitic.

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Faggots doing faggot things because they're faggots. Just as the Jew intended.

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Hey, when you have a thousand sodomy partners, you’re going to get some diseases.

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This is why AIDS was downgraded to the same level as a parking ticket.

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Ebola next! If you don't kiss an ebola victim you're a bigot!

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*in California

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"Doc, I get sick when I jam my tongue up someone's asshole. What should I do to prevent getting sick that way?"


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"stop licking assholes"

"Wow, fuck you bigot"

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In a controlled study 67.5% of 200 homosexual men but only 16% of 100 heterosexual men were found to be infected with intestinal parasites. Entamoeba histolytica was isolated from 27% of the homosexual and 1% of the heterosexual men, and Giardia lamblia was isolated from 13% of the homosexual and 3% of the heterosexual men. The presence of symptoms could not be correlated with infection except when the infection was caused by more than one organism, including G. lamblia. Symptoms were much more common in both infected and uninfected homosexuals than in heterosexuals. Among the homosexual men recent foreign travel, living in a homosexual household and promiscuity were not correlated with intestinal parasitic infection, but cleansing of the anus before and sex was associated with a significantly lower prevalence of infection. These findings suggest that the male homosexual community may be an important reservoir of potentially pathogenic protozoa.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1704818/ - Study is from 1980

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Shocking that such a bigoted study is allowed to stay on that site! Fortunately all the principal researchers have long since been removed from their positions!

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I doubt it has changed much.

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