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Probably satire by the right. The left cannot meme

[–] TheTrigger 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Yeah, this is obviously just a cute-post by a right-winger. Lots of content creators, however, are disillusioned with Trump, and from my observations: next year is gonna be a shitshow. Everyone's gonna get shit on; Trump included. He still has #TeamQ on his side, so who knows how that will pan out. Meme-creators appear to be split, though. Expect many, many, "Trump is a ZOG puppet" posts. Some of them might even make a serious effort to push for Patrick Little: the logic being that even if he doesn't win, he'll red-pill quite a few people along the way.

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How do you know who is creating those puppet Trump posts? I agree Trump has failed on a number of issues but undermining him in 2020 only hands the election to Democrats.

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Trump had better get with the program

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So 'Mexicans = pussies' is what I'm taking from this.

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I dunno. Pretty ruff.

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Boomer meme

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Zoomers are starting to get out of line >:(

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Silly dog forgot a very important detail - Dogs have owners, cats have staff.

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Dogs have owners, cats have staff. stupid cuck faggots

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Right? Fuck cats! They’re a bunch of freeloaders. I’ll only assume you’re a faggot if you like cats more than dogs.

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My pup gets a lot of hate. The left really are brutal :(


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as an aside, imagine cats trying to move into a dog park for just. one. second.

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So they admit Mexicans are nothing more than assholes who stand in your way at the worst times and see you as nothing more than a can opner (food provider)?

Minus that Mexicans are not home broken like cats or can take care of themselfes for a longer period of time.

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