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No politician has shame. They don’t have remorse. They don’t have pride. They’re really not even human in my eyes. Let the niggers go back to Africa let the Mexicans go back to Mexico. Take the politicians dig a hole and toss em in still breathing. They used the animals to destroy our country. You can’t blame a Mexican for wanting to be here. Wouldn’t you? But they invited them in

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The real meaning of politician has been memory holed. Most dictionaries just state "somebody involved in government". But it originated as an insult. To be "political" was tantamount to being a sophit. One who has no morals or ethocs and simply seeks to win.

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And she drinks beer from a can so naturally! Her campaign team needs help.

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Maybe some of those kids were 1/1024th athlete and deserved those scholarships?

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As long as they identify, it’s ok. Them’s the rules.

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You don't need to cheat if you deserve something.

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The universe doesn't care about what you deserve. You can work as hard as you want and if someone else cheats, you get shafted all the same. You want the gold, you cheat because someone else will.

This is why cheating is so damaging. Once there is any indication whatsoever that someone does, it all comes tumbling apart and cheating then becomes the new normal because everyone who didn't is now gone.

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pot has no sympathy for the kettle being black

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Pot just might be the answer.

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If it wasnt for irony, she would have nothing.

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Not as maddening as me clicking that fucking video a million times

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Poca at her best.

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"I cheated to get into a nice college so I could get ahead in life. I'm glad I didn't have to go to jail."

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I have but one word: how

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