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Deus vult.

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Wizards of the Coast has been permitting registered sex offenders to ref at MTG tournaments. They've also allowed D&D to push diversity.

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"registered sex offenders" is as much a grouping of degenerates as it is a tool to trash the reputations of decent people on incredibly flimsy pretenses. Some worthless sack of shit that tried to diddle a child is lumped in the same group as a drunk guy who tried to discreetly piss behind a dumpster behind a bar that happened to be a little too close to a school.

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Mtg refs aren't known to be "decent people", they are the most autistic and power-mad out of a group that largely consists of awkward autists. They are cut from the same cloth as reddit mods. Have you ever met one of em?

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I getcha, and I think it's total horseshit, but these were actual rapists and kid diddlers.

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Holy fuck. It's a joke.

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Joke aside, dude is not wrong in the least.

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You can become a registered sex offender for public urination. That list is a joke of what it was originally intended to be.

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Funny thing is, D&D is pretty based when it comes to race realism. But totally dumb when it comes to biological sex. Female characters should get +2 Dex, Wis, and Cha and male characters should get +2 Str, Con, and Int.

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Actually Magic has gone completely SJW the past few years, it's quite gross. Should def. not support them anymore.

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Sounds about right, I just thought it was funny.

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Another noteworthy addition, more subtle, less ironic. Invoke Prejudice

Okay, this one is just straight up redpilled. Disruptive Student

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I’m starting my own tcg game becasue the magic crowd is so toxic. It disgust me. Snowflakes, Gays and transgenders destroyed it. WOTC being based in the Seattle area didn’t help with that. We need a redpilled tcg for people to old to fuck with dragons and wizards anymore. You can’t bring that shit to the office it’s embarrasing.

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I'm working on a game myself. PM me if you'd like to chat about our projects.

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Overpowered or useless depending on opponent color. 0/10

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Fun for casual play. Not anything I'd play in a tournament

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Someone might have a "Self Driving Car" card.

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There's some shit in older sets that those SJW fucks would never let slip through now.

Army of Allah



Honestly, it's pretty fun to check out some of the older art, say Alpha through The Dark even if you're not a fan of the game. It was the wild west back then for card design and art direction.

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Yeah, I used to really like it back then. Then they started making everything too complicated, so half the cards were only useful as part of a single ridiculous combo.

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They stopped doing that, then instead dumbed everything down and made it to where there are basically no combos unless they royally fuck up during set design. It's all creatures fighting creatures now, and some lame rehashed crap every set. It's so bad that people call a deck called Infect a combo deck now, when it's really just creatures + giant growth effects on those creatures.

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