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That's pretty good German for an Amish.

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I think the Amish used Google translate, which is weird because they don't use technology usually. The Amish made a mistake in the original English sentence, which was translated, so now the German sentence doesn't make any sense.

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Yea this was confusing to me, I've heard people speak Pennsylvania Dutch and had a lot of trouble understanding them as someone who has studied German for years. But this meme seems to just be regular German.

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Amish were German, mostly. Pennsylvania Dutch is a misnomer because it is a bastardization of 'Deutsch' the German for 'German'. Their language would be slightly different because you have to understand that being outside the evolution of Germany's internal cultural progression (not talking about refugees or Muslims but legit German people), some words change or are no longer necessary coupled with other factors like regional dialect.

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Hey do you want to kill cats like I do

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Want you to really grasp what I am going to say.

The “Amish mafia” are the ones in this picture. They are not even Amish. They are Mennonite which is way different, and completely a staged fuck rest of fuckery that is untrue and corruption.

He (Levi) the big guy as well as the rest gave up being Amish when rumspringa came about. The church doesn’t even recognize him and many of the people that appear on film are excommunicated from the church.

This show is the depiction of what kikes want you to think they are.

Amish are pacifist and will never allow harm to another. This joke is something they would never do or allow.

I lived near them for 7 years and you can look all this up yourself.

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Can confirm. Have lived in their environs for more than a decade.

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A Mennonite stole my virginity

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Still cleaner than any shit-water muzzies would drink

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"Im muslim, i dont understand, please speak english"

That is one weird fucken town if the the muslims are demanding europeans speak english...

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This joke doesn't fit

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The Mennonite Church USA joins with the Presbyterian Church (USA), United Methodist Church, United Church of Christ, Quakers, Unitarian Universalists, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and others who have taken economic action in support of Palestinian human rights.


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You told the joke wrong, the Muslim goes "durka durka durka durka durk" and then the Amish delivers the punchline.

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Kill all ShitSkins!!!

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