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On a normie forum the other day discussing rise in London knife crime. 20 pages of genuine puzzlement to which the concluesion was 'poverty' and 'probably just random fluctuations'. The programming runs deep.

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and all any1 had to say is low IQ niggers and muzzies

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and they would be banned and their comment censored.

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It came up, quickly closed down by people pointing out blacks are more related to whites than each other, there is more variation within than between races, skin color genes don't have any thing to do with intelligence, genetics don't matter!

Non of which actually hold water. You could say most of the same about kangaroos and gorilla's.

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You can change the top graph to "Levels of Jewing" or the bottom graph to "Black Population" and its still accurate. Its like sacred geomtry or something, sacred graphing?

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True that. Specially with all the jews that Trump put in high places, more than any other administration ever. The jewing will just get worse.

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"But at least we got rid of racism."

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they spelled niggers wrong in the lower graph title

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Immoralization and immigration are the two components to the rising problem. You can't stop one without engaging the others.

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Needs a chart of welfare spending skyrocketing.

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Those racist whites are the problem obviously.

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White people are clearly the problem!

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