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*wipes drool from corner of mouth, pours Cinnamon Toast Crunch, turns on Adventure Time*

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Adventure time has some pretty psychedelic themes in it sometime. I watched it a couple times it’s not that bad.

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Sort your life out, fagatron

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there's a difference between watching it a couple times and jerking off to rule 34 of it.

I agree, I've watched it a couple times with my family and it was pretty good- the animation was fun. But I wouldn't try to start a conversation with someone about it.

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The early seasons yeah, S4 and later became pretentious hipster dogshit with Xayaphone being the worst offender.

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You're on a roll today

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Hey, nothing wrong with adventure time. Great show.

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Don't forget The Big Bang Theory! liek omg!

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Nothing personal, but I figured Rick & Morty jokes were almost as tired as the show itself. I had to try something new.

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Turn off the fucking Jew Tube for fucks sake.

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Well there's the faggot princess. But it's still good.

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I looked on reddit for a while and it's all ugly bitches asking to be humiliated, cat pictures and faggots wanting praise for the desk they just built. Just a bunch of people seeking the attention they so desperately need and not one person looking to have real honest discussions. Glad I found voat.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, what do you think of my deck? https://i.imgtc.com/L3XM9US.jpg

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Good job you did so good, it's just so great, best thing I have ever seen. Oh God it's so good......... how's that?

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It's a pretty nice deck but have you ever built a desk? That would really be something.

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That's a nice deck!

Can my wife blow you?

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You're going to get real tired of all the stairs sooner or later

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Reddit picked up where yahoo answers left off, advocate freedom of speech until you disagreed with the OP's and their bitches. I poked my nose in on reddit this week and the main topic seems to be karma whores out karmaing each other for picking up trash and documenting it with photographs.

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the upvote botting is so blatant on a lot of the far leftists posts.

I browse reddit, voat and 4chan and my god if I spend too long in a sub that has any relation to politics, I often end up just wanting to strangle someone for how mentally retarded those faggots are.

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Bad enough reddit is full of liberal faggots but these karma whores expecting a pat on the back for doing something voluntarily because it's something they also use like a beach for instance. Then theres the bullshit 'I work in an eatery and signed the menu for a deaf mute because he forgot his glasses and he left me this letter with a tip on the table' if he forgot his glasses how the fuck could he have written a letter on a napkin?

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Trump said Climate Change is Fake Science!!!!
That means that Trump thinks Science is Fake!!!
Trump doesn't believe in Science!!

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Fuck off chink

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Off chink does not consent!