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Gold wound badge? Those are about $400.

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Why not create an alternative version based on her, one of the best blonde anime girls IMHO

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Weebs can be more than comfortable in Voat, they just have to be thick skinned ones. For whatever reason, there are lots of leftist weebs who constantly bitch about "problematic" bullshit in anime and Japanese culture yet still consume it endlessly. Also, half the insufferable weebs everyone hates are specifically doing it to troll people. For lack of a better term, "chan culture" has its roots in Japanese culture, and by extension, Voat (since a lot of Voat is essentially /pol/). It's just that there aren't enough people with enough knowledge about this connection over time to elucidate on it.

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(((Leftist weebs)))

Loli and all that is a psyop to deter people from media/entertainment that isn’t made by (((them))).

Most OG anime fans are based, as you’ve more or less just explained.

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Idk, I honestly believe the Japanese are just as pedophilic and seedy as the Jews.

I also highly doubt that "lolis" are a psyop and not just the creation of horny chinks who also masturbate to octopus porn.

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There are a lot of right wing weebs.

The jews have taken control over most anime but not all. not yet.

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they made it like 2 hours tops before voat found where they were tring to farm votes and ended up like -300+ CCP

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not safe for weebs

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Guess I won’t talk about how much I enjoyed “Parasite” the anime show. I bought it to see if it was about le happy middle eastern merchant or maybe some hand rubbing long nosed alien, turned out it was about a hand rubbing harry palmed jap teenager.

Very violent, sociopathic and enjoyable. If you have weeb tendencies.

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This is Voat. Have your say.

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The voice of the hand. Eek!

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I know that voice has a cutness to it that is totally unfitting for a sociopathic killer. Which is partly why I find it so haunting, unsettling and alluring.

They take basic survival the next level of sociopathy. The parasites remind me of zionist jews.

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Gantz is better never could get into parasyte. claymore, basilisk, blue gender, black lagoon are also pretty good. Or I've heard berserk is too but I've never bothered with that.

Goblin slayer got all the sjw type up in arms for the unapologetic rape scenes and also has a great story. The rise of the shield hero is going to cause more freak outs the longer they show it. I really Dont know how sjws are gonna handle the rape/torture/snuff film that the pig king sends to naofumi to prove mynes punishment.

I want hardcore leveling warrior to be an anime, and remonster needs an anime and RPG made. I think a character development system where almost all the growth comes from battling and eating monsters while levels really only matter for when the character evolves would be a really compelling video game. Not to mention that certain monster that you battle kill and eat or what type of combat you prefer would effect which evolution you get with multiple branches being possible from that. I think it would basically kill Pokémon, especially if you make it a 3rd person action game.

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Thanks for the reply, I will look into Gantz.

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I saw it on adult swim. It was pretty badass.

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This was undoubtedly made by a boomer cyclist who was dying to find an opportunity to edit out the cyclist in the last frame of this comic. 100%

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There were rather a lot of them, weren't there. Why did they come here?

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They'll be back for round two. There's enough of them there dense enough to think they stand a chance.

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