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What the fuck happened to white people? How did they become so stupid and pathetic?

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The vast majority of people are followers and do very little thinking/planning on their own. The vast majority of whites come from serf bloodlines as well. Without leaders who care about them they are easily misled into replacement. This becomes even more true when the flow of information is controlled by a predatory group which require a complacent and simple minded group to remain relevant and earn profit from advertising masquerading as news.

You have multiple generations now which have been told from birth that they are from a horrible race which imprisons and subjugates others. A message which is reinforced by their spiritual leaders, celebrities, newscasters, educators, employers, etc. The wickedness and irony of this is plainly visible by mere observation of those who would willingly cause suffering to their own race to improve the life of other races in an unreciprocated attempt to help others.

Of course it isn't altruistic or selfless as some would lead you to believe. They after all are not suffering themselves but are instead shifting the burden onto others while reaping the personal accolades or feeling of accomplishment from their position as manipluators.

It's like that one famous quote about the civil war where a gentleman is saying that he already sacrificed the life of many brothers and cousins to the war and would gladly sacrifice more towards the cause.

This comment is long enough.

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That 40 year old African is salivating over the tasty morsels that he was just given license to consume.

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Well good thing when they get pushed into a corner we always come up with some weapon to fuck up the ones attacking.

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humans need a all powerfully ruler. democracy does not work. Most people will fall for peer pressure.

see the Asch Conformity Experiment. also see the Milgram experiment.

People who would say no. you are all wrong are the outliers. If every one was like we may not have a functional society.

We need a all powerfully ruler. When the god king acts with the peoples bet interest at heart all is well.

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Two world wars killing off the most hardcore motherfuckers in Europe leaving nothing but the ancestors of what we have now.

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The shekelstiens coming and subverting white culture.

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War spares not the brave, but the cowardly -unknown

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Same thing happened to the Swedes. All the Vikings worth a damn died.

Japan didn't endlessly sacrifice their men. It was quick one-two punch for them.

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a deadly combo of jewish control over media/education coupled with suicidal "love everyone" Christianity (Cucksanity?) values

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"love" has been rebranded as tolerance. which in many cases is the complete opposite of love, it's apathy and indifference.

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Whites welcomed jews into their countries without relegating them to second class citizen status first.

Whites let them own banks and businesses, let them generate capital which in turn let them infiltrate media, academia and government. Whites left them unchecked as they slowly began subverting your culture into their twisted image.

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That's awesome.

Those girls are as good as raped and maimed.

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They'll probably enjoy it and their parents will feel all warm and fuzzy knowing their daughters are. Going to have kids from the same negroid

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Gotta prove they're not racist.

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When you're brothers and sisters are also your cousins.

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Spend it quick, cunts.

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the mom is already fucking him.

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so is dad, le menage a trois

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Its not sex if he watches from the corner.

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Hmm does preping count as fucking?

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Dad is getting fucked by him

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Moms fucking him but he wants the fresh meat pussies. Will go the usual way: Some day mommy gets rejected, Negro starts hitting fresh meat, mommy gets angry, Negro goes full chimpout and kills mommy... daddy chooses the tie and doorknob combo to cope with this shit, fresh meat goes full LGBQTFU.

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What do women possess that enable them to perform the dominant act of “fucking” something or someone? A woman gets fucked.

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The one with glasses looks as if he has already groped her.

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Look at how cucked the dad is! He's folded into his wife who is clearly signaling dominance/ownership with her body language. Guy won't even have his face in the direction of the "child" and his daughters. It's like instinctually he knows somethings up but he won't resist or his wife will tell the world he likes his prostate massaged. Pathetic.

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The African figured out in five minutes that the dad is a total wimp.

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Those poor girls will suffer for their nigger loving parents.

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Bullshit, they will ask for it like brainwashed idiots until the day he kills them for wanting to take a break because they are pregnant again.

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16 years old...that guy is so old his 401k if he had had one would’ve been fully vested by now

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LMAO, 401k

Your average black doesn't even recharacterize his traditional IRA into a backdoor roth in a timely fashion

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If a nigger was to do so, what would be the benefit?

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YOU are the nigger's 401K

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Everything about the father's posture tells you he's a beta cuck faggot. Folded legs leaning over to his clearly dominate wife. Meanwhile the two girls feel terribly uncomfortable with the ape next to them but they have to pretend everything's fine because their faggot father insists on virtue signaling.

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True story. Just got done hosting a German family that irresponsibly housed a Kurdish refugee. Don't worry, they got lucky. Their refugee was the only one on the block that didn't fuck up. He spent a lot of time with the family, he loved bacon, he taught their kids soccer, and made plans to get a trade, and go back to Northern Iraq ASAP. Everyone else on the block was as bad as you think they could be.

The kid tried getting into trade school before his eighteenth birthday, but the German government denied it, he then tried getting a job, but the German government denied it, he then tried getting his own flat, but the German government denied it. They ultimately put this small, young, pork eating kaffar in a housing complex with actual rapists, and now he's trapped.

I would have called bullshit on all of it, but I've seen pics of the kid, he's undoubtedly the age he says he is, so I assumed maybe he was lying to stay longer, but he wasn't in charge of almost any of his paperwork to get back home, the German family was.

The point isn't a sappy love story about "muh brave refugees!" It's a horror story about the fact that the German government is fighting to keep them all there, and even sending them to rape camps.

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Kurds have actual reasons to flee (not that they should) so that kid might have been a real refugee. I hope that family got his autograph before he was fed to the orcs.

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Kurds are fine, but the PKK/YPG are communist terrorist scum who are about to get the ass-whooping of a life time, insha'Allah.

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