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The argument I've been using for Trump hating libs goes like this:

"So, you want to disarm all of your family and friends, but leave Trump as the only person in control of all firearms and weapons."

"You do know he is commander in chief of all the military and law enforcement, right "? Look, I can see someone wanting President Trump to have all of that power, he's a good guy and all, I'm worried that the next President will be some power hungry tyrant though".

It's very effective when played 1 on 1 and in a quiet receptive manner. You may get push back and disbelief (OK, he's not in charge of ALL law enforcement but you can mention the FBI, ATF, CIA, and the Dept of Justice which is still pretty substantial if you get in a disagreement.

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He appoints people to FBI, CIA, ATF, NSA, etc.. but they run as independent agencies. At best, he can TRY to dictate policy. But these org's are as independent as they can make themselves (via arming themselves, budget/black ops, etc).

They need to be REINED wayy the fuck in. As of rightnow, FBI has decided that killing Americans is ok if it supports their long term goals.. Just what those goals are? Dunno- they are not exactly accountable.

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They kill presidents with impunity.

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Very true, i have found that many if not #MOST anti 2nd. ammendment leftists are sniveling cowards that #IMHO would soil their clothing if ever confronted by bad guy with gun!!

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I've seen a high level of violence in my life, and heard stories of way worse things than I did and saw. This fact alone will make me a lifetime daily carrier and gun owner even though I'm out of those situations now.

The world will never be a fuzzy estrogenic socialist paradise, we simply pick who we allow to be violent. Is it the state, or are lawful god-fearing citizens allowed to live and die freely by their own conscience?

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Sadly, the clammer to #DISARM the populas shall ring ever louder, with the help of paid #INSTIGATORS_&_SHOOTERS, and with lies and deception to get the sniverlers, cowards, un kempt, and ignorent people worked up to point of demand #PAPA_GOVERNMENT to save them from evil weapons!

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"Take their guns, and have due process later" -DJT

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Thanks for pointing out that quote. Hadn't seen it before.

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If you don't think a liberal government wants you totally disarmed ask any Australian or British citizen.

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Then they give false statistics about the negative effect on gun crime.

After the firearms confiscation, Aus PM. Jew Howard changed the legal definition of “massacre” from 3 or more deaths to 5 or more deaths. Gun “massacres” haven’t gone down in Aus, the definition just changed. Very fucking sneaky.

When you point this out the NPCs flip the fuck out.

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Thanks, I’m screamcrylaughing over my breakfast now.

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Are you sure this is something you want to publicly admit?

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I’m fine with it

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I'll give up my gun when the liberals give up their pot and other preferred drugs.

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True liberals need guns to protect their liberties for the same reasons conservatives do. Gun prohibition is a thing of collectivist philosophies, not liberalism. Leftists are not liberals, they are collectivist authoritarians.

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