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Why do you faggots keep talking about retirement? I'd rather die a noble death taking out a couple hundred jews and niggers than grow old and frail in a South Africanized version of America watching my children and future grandchildren suffer the consequences of our failure to act.

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Defeatist faggots. Ironically they have the same tendencies and genes that they are saying is the root of all problems with white people: apathy, corruption, and willingness to sell out their race for the right price.

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You don't have any children or grandchildren though.


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I notice (((they))) even painted it black.

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Not really funny, since he's right.

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A lot of people nurture the fantasy that "one day..." but it's never going to happen.

There will be no happening. It's just continuous pushing of the Overton window. Every day, everything gets a little more expensive, you get a little less job security, your pension prospects get a little worse, your society gets a little less stable and your (((masters))) get a little more entrenched. Then you get some sort of half-assed reaction where the proles want a catharsis so they're allowed an "occupy wall st." or something and then it's right back to business.

It's nothing but boiling frogs who all go "one day, I'm gonna get my guns out!" and they'll go to their graves polishing them.

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Well said.

Sad but it's the truth.

Those who control the wealth controls everything. Unfortunately for you, jews have successfully created a system where they can generate wealth out of thin air.

It's easier for whites today to play along with the zionist and declare "israel is our ally" in exchange for comfortable retirement package. No, seriously the choice was either violent war, death, or taking it easy with fat retirement funds. Not surprising if "conservative" public figures are picking the other choice.

Clueless people call them puppets and controlled opposition, but not really, they didn't start that way. The offers on the table was just too good to refuse. Don't forget, people sell out for less. 2 polish presidents and jordan peterson sold out for jewess pussy.

Politicians like Salvini and Orban, have all traded with the zionists: Stop demographically replacing us and we'll vote for Israeli interest in exchange. Negotiating is much easier than fighting a war, considering half of your populations are brainwashed liberal zombies.

It's called being realistic. Stockpiling ammos and daydreaming about fighting the swamp isn't going to achieve shit.

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Wait until they have killer robots under their control.

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Maybe you need to drink less tapwater and stop being such a gloomy faggot