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8 minutes = 6 million micro seconds.

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Diversity for their white host countries. Ethnostate for Israel.

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It is just a product of the fact that this Jew is just too into their diversity message and the like and they are too busy pushing their ideas in this department that they forget to call someone an anti-Semite because they are so hateful towards the white race.

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jews are actually a tribe of gypsys (always have been) who create fake "commodities", fake "laws" and fake "gods" in order to swindle other cultures out of their real resources.... they are real gypsys and need access to other countries resources through infiltrating their governments and passing fake "laws" fraudulently requiring foreign societies to allow anyone in their city... including them.. the dirty-gypsy-jews peddelaing their fake "commodities" and even passing fake "laws" falsely requiring "citizens" to give them monies for their fake "commodities"(insurance,vaccine,non-profit,etc.etc.).... !