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They should be thankful that their ancestors were given meaningful work and that they were blessed enough to be born in a white society and not a nigger one where they would be putting in lip disks, living in cow shit/mud huts and eating each other.

If anything we deserve reparations for the welfare, violence and holding back our society. The whites have paid a hefty price for allowing the jews to have slaves.

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they fucking got the carribean and are living all over america and south america, billions of niggers. they were enslaved by niggers but freed by whites. they should blame their own niggers for slavery "slave" in america, better than nigger in africa, i guess they never objected to being shipped to america, they would have gone voluntarily and payed for this service. they got to breed niglets by the millions, in africa they would probably all be castrated and died.

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They might like a negro society with lip disks and cow shit huts. They seem to have that mentality. Not meant as a joke. They would thrive. They would understand their life.

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yea they simply just cant handle white civilized society. They are evolved to live as savages in the jungle.

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I was reading this economics book and the author was taking about how the West showed up in Japan with gunships and demanded they open their ports up for trade back in the 1800s or something.

The Japanese said the experience was humiliating. The author pointed out it made Japan much more wealthy and that the Japanese were "humiliated all the way to the bank".

On some level I don't think it matters to people though. They want a life style and a culture that's a good fit for them even if it's horribly suboptimal from an economic perspective.

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Too true.

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If I'm not mistaken all slaves that were freed, and all revolutions that were won started with someone IN THE SYSTEM. George Washington was originally a British Lieutenant Colonel and the slaves being freed wasn't from a slave uprising. IF YOU WORK FOR THE SYSTEM OR ARE APART OF THE MEDIA / FED / SPYING EMPIRE YOU HAVE TO DESTROY IT FROM THE INSIDE. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY THESE SYSTEMS GET TAKEN DOWN.

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The question of our lifetimes is if trump is our George Washington. And is there actually a white hat alliance that's big enough to push things back toward pre-Bush era?

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Pre-Bush era?

We need to go pre-federal reserve era or nothing matters.

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Most white people never owned slaves, even at the height of slavery in the US.

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A quick bullet in the head will make them get over it.

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Let’s not forget the black Union troops stationed in antebellum Atlanta and how the Confederate widows and orphans were treated by them and their carpetbagging Yankee Union Army brass.

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I've never lived in the South. Can you link us some sauce?

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OP is 169% correct.

Moolies need to stop shuckin' 'n jivin' and get to work.

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So concise i love it

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Not happening. The current dispute has nothing to do with slavery. Anyone who claims slavery as a reason for their discontent is not being intellectually honest.

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