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Gadgets like bananas

That was hilarious, thanks for the link.

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"You are gey"

"Who is gey?"


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You're gey.

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Who knew that the Ugandans was smarter than Americans in reference to sexual perversion?

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A vast majority of the world hates gays and trannies

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Africans are very anti gay! Jamaicans also

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I'm fucking dying over here holy shit this is gold!

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The preacher is right. The captions towards mid video or more make it seem like he's crazy. He's right actually, they're fucking crazy.

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Yes he is, specifically being an anti-sodomite and that is how they should be called. Gay means to be happy, not be a faggot, degenerate, sodomite. The Ugandan English just makes it hilarious.

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I don't think it's confusion. The black normal male's fag radar went off. I'd love this kind of interview in the states. So based.

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You can fool me, but you can't fool me all the time.

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Who knew Uganda had television?

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He starts eating his own props. Full monkey. Dat lack of impulse control.

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