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I see two people that should be shot an abused child that should have been adopted by a straight white couple

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I have no idea which of those is supposed to be the man mommy or the woman dad things.

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Neither do they since they havent been able to see their genitals for years.

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/v/fatpeoplehate is leaking

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Left, male. Right, female. Center, male.

They hate the truth and love the lie so deception is their lifestyle choice.

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How can you tell? All I see is is two grease-filled lard-goblins and an abused child who will probably go on a killing spree before he's 18.

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Meh if you say so. I'm not really convinced. They both look like fat women to me.

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Left, faggot pedo. Right, dyke pedo. Center, small child being tortured publicly with the realization that none of us pussy faggots are ever going to rise up and save him from these fucking monsters.

In 10 years or so, we'll hear about some gruesome crime like a school shooting and the (((news))) will have a bunch of niggers propped up on their screams reading an ebonics teleprompter telling them that we must end the 2nd amendment.

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I couldn't look at them for very long either.

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I can't remember who he was replying to, but I will never forget the James Wood tweet said "When your kid grows up and realize what you did to him, the Police will find your bodies stuffed in the freezer".

EDIT: found it---Woods said of the image, “This is sweet. Wait until this poor kid grows up, realizes what you’ve done, and stuffs both of you dismembered into a freezer in the garage.”

garbage website called the wrap if you want to read the exchange.

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Hamily where mom is a fat degenerate living on gibs, dad is a fat degenerate living on gibs, and son cannot wait to get his hands on a machete.

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It's a way to pimp kids out. It's normalizing this kind of behavior. As we see with a lot of people now, these people are both food and drug addicts. I would imagine there is a heavy amount of alcohol in there as well. Most meth heads prostitute their children. If not directly, it's part of the implied deal. Anyone who is an opiod or meth addict will sell themselves and their kids for the drugs.

The trans child movement is about bringing it all out in the open. This is not just about dressing up boys as girls, even slutty girls but it will also intersect with the slut walk movement and other things. This whole thing is headed into total and open degeneracy. It's going to be small girls slutted up, boys dressed up as slutty girls and little boys(and girls) dressed up like male strippers.

This media push came AFTER the push during the Obama administration for public, neutral gender bathrooms and AFTER Obama had passed legislation to this effect in the schools.

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That would imply the “mother” won’t top itself before the kid grows up.

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Are you talking about the mentally ill man playing dress up or the mentally ill woman playing dress up?

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How do you think this kid's kill count will be? And will it be a school shootout, bombing, or seperated serial murders? The memes will be hilarious one day, at least...

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I'm thinking it's going to be drawn out, like all serial killer. Kill count is largely a factor of intelligence. If the boy is smart, he will get a high kill count. Dumb, and it will be low. But you never know.

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Think about having to grow up with two stupid feminists that will spend every minute of your life telling you that you are not a male and that will do anything in their power to push their stupid propaganda on you without having anyone around you that you can identify in and learn from because your parents think that "gender is a social construct"...

Feminism is a stupid and dangerous idea, more so when pushed on someone that doesn't have the knowledge and means to see that it is just that.

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