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that's why we are all here, banned camp overflowed

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Hence we made our own camp, to concentrate our efforts.

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Is be suprised if you could gather that many people for a camp of that size for that long

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This one time at banned camp...

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yeah Twitter, FB, Reddit, etc., are just shooting themselves in the foot when they censor and ban us. We put up with antiwhite shit for years and finally point it out and we're instantly shut down. Only place to discuss or read about it is places like this, where we only become stronger in our beliefs. Instead of dampening the flame, they end up fueling the rising fire. One by one, people wake up to their shit and jump ship.

Sometimes I get down when I see how powerful people are trying so hard to destroy white societies by making us not reproduce and importing other races. But then I soon realize that whites are waking up and becoming aware of the problem. They've been pushing us past our breaking point with shock treatment and soon there will be a backlash. The spirit of Odin is returning and blood will be shed to repay every little burden that has been placed on our back. Every ban or post removed for "racism" is another drop in this overflowing tank. People are pissed and there will be a reckoning.

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I agree, and while we waste time voting, we are defeated. I believe it will take civil war on regular folks who have had enough. History will repeat as always

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Talking about doing something for 20 years, reminds me of "do nothing, trust the plan". Continue being angry on message boards for the next 20 years as society moves on and leaves you even further behind

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Back in the days of LOIC and meming zip-bombs / tool kits . . . All your base are belonging to us .... especially when you decrypted the payload.

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Built in modem on a 386? Nah, nope. What model? Unless you had your computer built by a corner computer shop and SPECIFICALLY requested a modem, it wasn’t “built in”. It was an add on. All my modems were external (serial port and remember losingg my shit when US Robotics updated thier firmware from 33.6 to 56k.) I was also on Time Warner Cable Broadband in late 1996 one of the first roll out cities.

I do remember going to sunsite.edu and downloading slackware and using the local computer store’s CD burner to make CDs for friends and spending DAYS editing config files to get their hardware to work so they could run WindowMaker on X11.

I had a dos computer too (Dr. DOS) and installed tne DOS version of AOL, I also remember using the chat rooms and saying nigger constantly, never got booted

Sir, I call you on your bullshit.

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OP is totally pulling our legs. AOL was prolific on floppy disks and CDs but it was 3.5" floppies that it was prolific on, not 5.25"

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I was also working with computers during that era - I started much earlier in fact - and yes computers came with either internal or external modems quite commonly by the time of 386 PC's. I frequently worked with both types prior to the arrival of the internet during the BBS days. Remember BBS's were rocking already even back in the old 8086 XT/AT era. We even had a IBM 8088 PC with an external 750 baud modem in the office. We were playing Starflight all night long in those days. (1987 Game of the year.) IBM PC came with a real keyboard that you could kill people with:)

There really is no difference between them - one uses an expansion slot to access the main bus - the other via one of the serial ports. The CPU doesn't care very much which way most devices are plugged into it.

America Online, CompuServe, etc were an attempt to take the popular BBS concept to the next level but they got stomped by the WWW and Netscape shortly after that. I wonder if America Online is still going, because they seemed to last forever:)

Can confirm @8_billion_eaters this story is entirely viable


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I know someone who still uses an AOL email address.

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Holy shit, apparently it's still available: https://getonline.aol.com/dialup rofl

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I ran a BBS back in '83. But, several years before that, we had...Compuserve. Couldn't use it during the daytime, since it was about $100/hr for any of the "real" services, like stock quotes. But, at night, there was the...CB Simulator! You could just tune to a channel and kick up a conversation just like you were in a car on the interstate (snicker).

That's where me and a couple friends did our first online trolling. We got on a channel and there was a horny dude trying to find a gal to "talk" with. So, we three (also dudes) started making with the sort-of sexy chat for a few minutes. Then, we did the "Who are you and what the **** are you doing talking to my wife?" thing. Never seen someone exit the simulator so fast before--he was gone!

Ah...the good ol' days.

[–] MaximilianAldorfer 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Sorry, in the 386 days (which was about 2 years between the 286 and the 486) no major manufacturer was shipping out computers with a modem. Yes, they had expansion slots. Yes, you could buy a modem and have it fitted in said expansion slot. Fuck, you could buy an internal modem and fit it inside the Apple ][. I am not sayng modems weren’t a thing, I was BBSing myself in 1986. I am saying it wasn’t standard equipment. When AOL was shipping out DOS disks people would come in asking HOW to use it, what it was, and buy a modem or buy a modem and have it installed. If you had a 386, unles you specifically aked for one, no one was going to sell/install one by default, that didn’t REALLY become a thing until the 486 days and BECAUSE of AOL and Microsoft Windows 95 abd it’s dialer app. Dude, I was cutting and crimping my own ribbon cables and building clones myself in those days... very few people cared/knew about modems unless they were enthusiasts, what people cared about in the 386 days was HARD DRIVES (hard drive controller cards/disks) graphic cards (EGA) ans sound because they wanted to play games, not get on BBSes. Hell, I remember selling and installing modems right allong upgrading those 386 chips to 486 chips. I remember Cyrix making a lot of money by offering a cheaper (and in some cases faster) processor.

Again, modems on a 386 box were an upgrade not standard equipment.

If you had a modem in a 386 it was an UPGRADE not standard. Gateway, Compaq, were not shipping desktops with modems in desktops unless the customer asked for them and they sure as fuck were not intigrated on the motherboard, they were fitted into an ISA slot and because a customer ASKED SPECIFICALLY FOR IT.

I think at most I recall seekng some notebooks (rarely) in 1989 and 1990 with onboard modems, but they were a rarity too. I don’t think most notebook manufacturers started including modems until at least 1995. Still most had modems in the PCMCIA slot.

The 386 part of this niggerfaggot’s story is what gives him away, the “built in” part is what sinks him, and lastly his claim that he was “the first person banned from the internet” is total bullshit.

As I previously said in the early 90s ON AOL even, (when they started providing a shit ton of local access numbers and flat rate for service, even I was enticed to go them over the local ISP) I typed nigger like it was going to be erased from my brain and I was NEVER booted from anything.


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I see your bullshit call and I raise you on the truth. Let's play this out.

There were dozens and dozens of chat rooms in those days. The ones that scrolled the most were the "general chat" rooms where you could barely read a full sentence before it was gone. Others were devoted to specific interest groups. I was the first person to get banned from a chat room on AOL.

Now... either show your cards or fold, Max.

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I'm also going to comment that by the time built-in modems were commercially available, there were far more than "a few thousand people on the internet." External modems were the norm for a long time.

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If that were true, they wouldn't already have the tools to ban users and they would have had to stop and write them.

[–] MaximilianAldorfer 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Prove it faggot, go ahead, I’ll wait.

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I suppose you need to define "built in." It was very common for places like CompUSA or RadioShack to have 386 PCs with a modem in the ISA slots. Those early motherboards had a shit ton of slots, but nothing onboard. My parents had a 386 with an internal modem in the ISA slot. This would have been about the time the 486 models came out so you could get a "deal" on the older 386 with extras for the same price as a stripped 486.

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This is plausible.

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AOL chat rooms were the grandparents of Reddit, 4chan and VOAT.

Uh, no. That would be Usenet. Come on, every oldfag knows this.

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I member Internet Relay Chat (IRC), downloading a naked girl took forever. The face would appear first but it would take forever to get to the goodies. I don't recall any banning back then. I remember saying every non politically correct thing you could imagine. There were always some faggot corners of the web people would whine on, but I never was disconnected from my MSN Dial-up service.

I'm pretty sure some of my favorite jokes from childhood that I liked to share with others, like, "how do you keep a bunch of niggers from hanging around your front porch? " never got me banned until sometime after 9/11. I only remember 9/11 specifically because I would go on Yahoo forums and talk about glassing the entirety of the middle east and nothing came of it. I do remember getting kicked from the occasional gaming server, WWII games were popular back then and my red pill distribution was in overdrive.

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If someone had invented a graphics format back then that stores data from the middle of the picture out to the ends, it would have mysteriously swept the industry.

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I rememebr getting banned from Bbs's for various reasons. First audio file ever was 6 seconds of led Zeppelins ocean, took tree tries at 8 hours each. I had long conversations about how aol Chat rooms were the financial reason they made it, gay chat rooms specifically. I remember when 386's were crazy fast compared to what we had before. I remember when Intel didn't make CPUs, just memory. Still have the T-shirt...

Also, zork is cool.

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I remember going to Linux because it was the only 32 bit operating system available to utilize 32 bit processors. I also remember spending forever editing config files getting hardware to work

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I 'member never being able to get any good games for our Atari 800. Plenty of games for the Commodore 64, but oh no, we had to buy the betamax of computers.

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How do you keep a nigger from jumping on the bed?

Put velcro on the ceiling

[–] obvious-throwaway- 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago  (edited ago)

What do you call a thousand niggers at the bottom of the ocean?

How do you keep a nigger from drowning?

What do you call a white man surrounded by a thousand niggers?

A beaner and a nigger are both in a car, whose driving?

I think I'm going to start a thread, those are all off the top of my head, I know quite a few.

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"You hang em out back!"


[–] middle-path 6 points 11 points (+17|-6) ago 

fake and ghey

[–] 8_billion_eaters [S] 5 points 9 points (+14|-5) ago 

True and masculine.

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If it was that fast, there is no way you were the first.

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What a bunch of shit. Windows 95 and 3.5 inch floppy drives, retard. 5 and a quarter were DOS days. Lying faggot.

[–] 8_billion_eaters [S] 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

My 386 had both 5 1/4 (A:drive) and 3 1/2 (B:drive) ...I don't think it even had an internal hard drive back then. As I recall, you had to load every program to DOS from the floppys. Including AOL.

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My first computer had a 5.25, a 3.5 and an internal hard drive with a whopping 40 meg.

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Those were the days alright..

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AOL 5 1/4 floppies??? Could you even fit AOL on one of those?

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Yeah. I remember AOL sending our CDs. Not floppies. That “ coaster” anecdote is retold every year.

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AOL sent out floppies too, I recall even seeing a 5 1/4 genuine AOL disk once or twice.

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Errrrrrr beeep beep beppp scrreeeee hhhhhhhhhhhh my take on the connect noise.

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